Sunday, February 24, 2008

i'm at the airport waiting to go home!

Well, Artnest has come to a close. it went by so fast! what an incredible weekend. i wish i wasn't so exhausted because i know my enthusiasm probably won't be so apparent as i can barely type! and unfortunately, i can't upload any photos until i get home. We stayed at a beautiful cabin deep in the mountains (elevation 8,000 or so....) of Utah -past Park City and near Hueber (sp?).

the line up for the teachers was unbelievable. it is in my opinion that that line up can not be topped! First day was Anahata Katkin, What an incredible teacher and so sweet. Since i love collage, this was my favorite class. i learned some great techniques and fun ways to make some fabulous new collages. i can't wait to see her again in April at Artfest for her class, called "Wallpaper People".

second day, was Amy Hanna, no blog, but see her jewelry here: what a crazy day that was! i felt so bad for Amy because as you know, women love jewelry and the students all wanted to buy her stuff right away. So after the buying frenzy was over, we were able to sit down and create a beautiful rejunevated piece of jewelry (i made a necklace). I enjoyed this, but it is very minute, detailed work! it will probably be easier to do at home when i have all my supplies handy (soldering iron, dremel, etc.) i think my piece is absolutely stunning and can't wait to show it off!

the last day, we had class with Pam Garrison, Pam does lovely journals (among other things!) using vintage ledgers. again we got to use paper and gel medium - so i was right at home. Pam is so funny and the doodle queen! that girl can make a page come alive and she never runs out of ideas. can't wait to show you my new journal!

during lunch on Saturday, we got to go snow mobiling and sledding. it was really fun! it was nice to get some fresh air. i went sledding with Jennifer, one of my new BFF's and i was so busy taking pictures going downhill that i wasn't a very proper co-pilot. we ended up doing more luging (sp?) than sledding! but it was a blast and i got a darling photo of us. i hate to admit it though, but i am a little sore today from our fun! i found out that Jennifer is also going to Artfest and staying in the same house as me! how awesome is that?

the food was incredible and so were the women. i was so amazed by the talent that i was surrounded by. everyone created gorgeous, beautiful things and everyone had their own unique look. people were so good about sharing things, which was really nice.

I finally got to meet my online friend, Maija and she was even one of my roommates! she is such a sweet, generous person and i was so happy to have spent time with her. There were a couple girls i had met at Artnsoul, Cheryl and Kelly, so it was fun to get to see them again. Then meeting all the other participants, Angela and Amy (more BFF's!), Elise, Laurie, Jane, Michelle (also from NJ!), Ananda, Dede, Lisa, Melinda, Amanda and Marina (gosh, i hope i didn't leave anyone out!)

and many thanks to our hosts, Julie and Candance. It was their dream to bring women together to create art - so their retreat, a little thing called "Artnest", was such an amazing weekend. they worked hard and planned to the detail. I am sure they are exhausted and even though it is sad to say goodbye, they are probably ready for a break! there are still openings for their spring retreat, so stop by and check it out - the teachers for the spring retreat are Stephanie Lee, Carla Sonheim and Alma Stoller. I will get to see these 2 girls again also at Artfest AND they are also staying in the same house as i! my Artnest photos can be found here

i did want to thank everyone for their sweet thoughts for my mom's dog, Muppet. i am sad to say that my mom had to put her to sleep that very night. It is hard to say goodbye to our sweet pets that bring so much to our lives. i'm am still quite sad over it.


  1. iknew you would love anahatas class and that sweet maija too!!!
    cannot wait to see your creations!!!

  2. I hope you're home safe and sound by now. Glad you had such a wonderful time. I visit Maija online, too.


  3. It was wonderful to spend that time together playing and squeezing more art fun than I thought possible into our days! Hope you get home safe and sound with a much better ride than the first trip!

    I'm so sorry about Muppet.


  4. Kecia,
    I am happy that you had fun at the art retreat. It sounds wonderful. I am so sorry to hear about muppet. Our little furry friends become such a part of us that it is very hard to let go. I hope your mom will be okay. On a brighter note did your wreath come while you were gone? I sure hope so otherwise it is lost somewhere in UPS land.


  5. Welcome Home! And of course it sounds as if you had a awesome time... can't wait to go to your Flicker site and check out all your photos!

  6. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time! Artfest is right around the corner! HOORAY!


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