Friday, February 1, 2008

Let the sorting begin!

well, it's time. i've put it off long enough! i am hosting a charm swap for the Charmsters group (formed from Artnsoul, Portland, 2007). this was a Valentine's Day charm swap and there are 50 participants. that's 50 bags i have to deal out! (well, one bag is still coming - it should have been here Tues. and we are concerned about it's where abouts at this point). i got bins from the post office and now i'm making piles. tucker is supplying the background music from his room , i've got my cup of coffee and Jan supplied the fuel food (yummy gourmet popcorn!) - so enough telling you about it, i've got work to do!


  1. How cool is it that I was late getting your Christmas present ordered???......near death does have it's benefits!'re going to need that amazing popcorn to get you through your charm sorting!
    God bless you, njj,

  2. Your little owls are adorable. And what lucky ladies to be in your valentine's swap.

  3. I have been waiting to see what those many bags would look like. Thanks for putting up the pictures.

    Yes I am and we are lucky to be in your valentine swap. Thank you,

  4. thats a good size swap youve got going there! looking forward to seeing pictures of everything! I've never made a charm.. I bet there will be some really awesome ones!


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