Sunday, February 24, 2008

don't forget, tomorrow is Memory Monday!

Okay, it is that time again - Memory Monday! tomorrow's topic is your first job! tell us about it, got a pic? please leave me a link so all players can skip around and read!

i just left Salt Lake at 5pm on a standby flight. i was there all day (9-5). now i am in Denver and my flight to Newark doesn't leave until midnite. as i told my friend, Joanne, you'd think i was flying into a foreign country!

the flight into Denver was so bumpy. i'm already nauseous as i 've been suffereing from altitude sickness and then we hit a dipzy doodle air pocket on the plane. i honestly thought i might throw up. i feel disgusting and really want a nice hot shower!


  1. hi Kecia,
    I hope you had fun on your trip... your TT package is on it's way home.
    Again sorry about the mixup.

  2. Hi and I'm glad to be a part of Memory Mondays. My post is located at

  3. I will be posting today. I have to scan a picture. More to come.


  4. Thank you so so much, Kecia for the wonderful bunny!! I just love him to bits, he is just precious!! I've sat him in the place of honor, next to Michelle Legler's mosaic cupcake!


  5. I posted a pic for Memory Monday.



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