Sunday, February 10, 2008

what a blustery Sunday!

It has been snowing on and off today (well, flurries) and the wind is crazy loud! chairs and water bottles (the big ones) were flying around the deck it was so windy. the old house has a chill you wouldn't believe. Dillon is down with a cold and i might be right behind him. lots of sneezing and a scratchy throat; but i am hoping it is because i was doing so much cleaning and dusting in my room. the only project i did today was to package up my little goodies to give out at Artnest. I'm laying in bed watching "For love of the game" with Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston. it's okay, a little hokey for me - but it's something to watch. (don't tell my husband, he thought it was great!) and no, i am not watching it on my tv - my tv is still dead. the good news is though we found out that Costco has a conceirge service for computers and tv's that were bought from their store. so even though our warranty has expired, they are honoring the product. Horray! something good happened for us. The hot tub is still down (the company went bankrupt and says Costco is responsible now) so i am sending them a certified letter tomorrow stating the issue and looking for some help in getting it fixed (it is still under warranty - for heavens sake, the thing is brand new!) i called them 17 days ago and was told someone would get back to me in 10 days. as usual, for the consumer, my issue has gone by the wayside.

I've decided that i want to start a little activity for Mondays for fellow bloggers (and even non bloggers who want to play). i'm calling it "Memory Monday's. What brought me to the idea was something that i think about every so often - who was the girl i use to be before i was married with children? I see alot of art work featuring little girls and i think to myself - is their an analogy between the little girl in us and our art? i believe there is! So, i started thinking about all the things i use to do as a young girl and i thought, how fun would it be to start blogging my memories with some sort of picture dragged out from the archives? i'd love to have bloggers leave their links on my blog and then head over to their blog to see their post on the particular topic. is this making sense?

So, starting next Monday, Feb. 18th, we would start our first memory. this gives readers a week to find out about it and prepare. Every Monday, i will post the memory topic and post some probably hilarious picture that corresponds to the subject. In case you aren't following what i want to do, here's an example. say the subject is: "your first job". We would all post about our first job, where is was, about it, anything about it, etc. and try to find some picture to go along with it. following me? you'll git the gist once we get going.

i'll post reminders during the week and this sunday, i will post the first subject to be ready for Monday the 18th. When i make my post on Monday, at the end of the post, i will give out the subject (homework?) for next weeks memory. I would also gladly encourage you to email your ideas for memory topics, which i will then add to my list! what do you think? i do hope you'll play along.


  1. girlfriend~
    you are always thinking!!
    do you get your package from us????

  2. I love this idea - I'd love to participate!I love the name too:)

    Looking forward to it! Debra


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