Friday, December 7, 2012

Soul Houses with guest artist, Lorraine Reynolds


Lorraine Reynolds will be here in July to teach an assemblage class. I took a class with Lorraine this past Oct. and I had the best time. She brings a whole different spin into story telling through found objects.  Lorraine is right in the middle of grad school and working full time. We are lucky to get her here to teach. I am happy to show my  support by havig her here and this class will give her needed credits as well. I look forward to hosting her July 13 and 14, 2013.

 Soul Houses
 The symbolism linked to birds goes back to the ancient world, where birds were considered to be a supernatural connection between the gods and men. In many Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, birds can represent immortality. In East Indian and Christian mythologies birds represent the soul. These soul houses are a safe haven for your hopes and dreams. This class will introduce you to the art of assemblage as you learn to construct basic house forms that have relevance and meaning in your own world. By tapping into your true creative spirit we will transform ordinary bird houses into vessels that whisper of remembrance. You will explore your own imagination to find the ghost in old things and tell their tales in a 3 dimensional form, without fear or self-doubt. Learn to be creatively brave in this process orientated approach to creating altered art. You will learn the basics of assemblage construction as well as plot a creative journey through storytelling, personal myth and metaphor. You will take away power new ideas about process and art making.

date: July 13 and 14, 2103
cost: $220
location: Lemoncholy's Studio (jersey shore)


 a little bit about Lorraine:

Artist Lorraine Reynolds’ mixed media assemblages are a collection of “glimmering prizes”. Assembled in old boxes, frames and books, found objects find unity and a common voice in her hands. Her assemblages not only speak to the sadness of lost and forgotten things but through Lorraine’s creative touch find life again. Lorraine’s gift is in sifting through these disparate objects, finding the compatible bits and pieces of others’ lives and weaving their faint and ancient energies together until they sing in one voice. Her assemblages not only speak to the sadness of these lost and forgotten things, but they remind us that their owners have been lost and forgotten as well.

Over the past several years, Lorraine Reynolds has displayed her work in various group shows throughout the state of Vermont. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Lorraine Reynolds is a costume and technical designer by day and mixed media artist by night. A Vermont transplant for over 20 years she lives in Williston, VT with her husband, her two sons and her enormously affectionate German Shorthair Pointer. Lorraine is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Visual Arts at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She is the recipient of the 2011 Art Hop People’s Choice Award. For more information visit her website:

no experience is necessary. this is a learning process that unfolds into a story. Supply list and other pertinent information will be given out after you have registered. seating is limited and reserved via pay pal (below). feel free to email me with any questions you have to


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Art is You 2013!

"Come. Join the Art is...You family in 2013 for a retreat that is all about Community through Creativity. Artists across the country are waking up to the power of each other, coming together.
Now in three venues: Nashville, Petaluma or Stamford, Art is...You is an ALL INCLUSIVE joyous week of art workshops, all lunches, panel sessions, heart starter mornings, and suppers each night."
You will be amazed at all that is offered when you attend one of these fabulous retreats that Sal & Ellen put together. This will be my 5th year of teaching for Sal and Ellen. They events are always amazing, full of spirit and friendship and much needed girl time. (although we have fun with the guys there too ;)

Workshops will be going up real  soon. We are busy finalizing all our wonderful workshops so be prepared for some awesome classes!

What to expect: FUN!, laughter, meeting new friends, running into old friends,  friendly faces, abandoned art, comfy sheets, creating amazing art and sharing in an Art Adventure. Don't be shy and don't be nervous. Adventure is out there. See you soon!

 ****Give yourself permission to play and REGISTER your intention to attend by paying a refundable deposit of $100.00.  This deposit will secure your spot and ensure you will get first opportunity to register for any or all retreats*** 

feel free to email me at: with any questions about attending an art retreat. especially if it is your first time and you are feeling "nervous". 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alot has been going on since I last really posted. Mid Fall I left to head to Florida to visit Dillon and was doing some teaching along the way. I taught in North Carolina at Random Arts, a two day jewelry class and stayed with my friend, Phyllis. We had so much fun and she was a wonderful hostess. Right after I left Phyllis and made my to Georgia to stay the night, I got a text from Jeff that Tucker was quite ill and had been taken to the hospital via ambulance. This was 2 days after hurricane Sandy hit. Everyone had lost power and the coast was a mess. The ER was equally a mess. Utter chaos (according to Jeff since i wasn't there).

I made the immediate decision to cancel the rest of my classes and turn around. It took me 3 days to get back as I had to sort of criss cross around avoiding hard hurricane hit areas, etc. I picked up a generator in Georgia before leaving (as ours was not working well). I also loaded up on fire logs, D batteries and gas cans.  When I got about 2 hours from home, I filled up the gas cans and had to drive with the windows down for the rest of the way. 

The hospital staff (infectious disease) hit Tucker hard with an course of hard hitting antibiotics to battle this unknown bacteria he was fighting. (i say unknown as nothing ever grew in a culture). He continued to  get much better and got to come home the day after we regained power. A few days later, we thought he was acting ill again, so took he back to the ER and they admitted him overnight for observation. By the next day, he was fine again. So i don't know if we were paranoid or what was with that 2nd trip.

Since then I have been battling anxiety attacks. mostly at night, waking me up with a pounding heart and grim thoughts running through my mind. I have this feeling of not being safe for me and Tucker. I'm having horrible dreams about him and the worry is affecting my appetite. Add into the mix, my friend, Michele, being so ill. Since I last posted about Michele, she's been diagnosed with breast cancer (in addition to lymphoma) and is undergoing chemotherapy. In a few months, once chemo is over and the tumor has been reduced, she will undergo a double mastectomy. A lot for me to be worrying about.

I know that I am going through post traumatic stress disorder. It's happened before, only not this harshly. Today, I am going to be doctor to talk about it with him and figure out ways to get a handle on it. 

thanks for listening.   

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hurricane Sandy fundraiser

Join Art is...You, Adorn Me! An Artful Journey, Artful Gathering and Vivi Magoo presents
 - as we raise much needed funds for essential personal and household items for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Working with Family to Family and local relief agencies we will have your donation delivered directly to where it is needed - into the hands of those who have lost everything.  Let them see how we can unite and Live in Generosity.  Let them feel our love.

Just click on the DONATE NOW Button and you will have the opportunity to make a cash donation or purchase actual items including groceries or gas cards.  Once you have donated, please share on Facebook, tell your friends - get the word out that this village of artists, their family and friends are united in rebuilding the lives of those around them.

I have personally donated this painting to the cause:

 I painted her  the other night as I sat in my powerless house and used a light powered by my generator. The little girl in the painting is afraid and clings to her bunny as life around her is in tatters. The flower represents HOPE as the storm begins to calm.

Monday, October 1, 2012

deMeng'd, again

Michael  deMeng was in the house this past weekend. He was here last year and we had so much fun that we begged him to come back again this year! (and at the conclusion of this years class,we were begging him to come back next year as well!)

This year we made our own ventriloquist dolls using vintage doll heads. It was really a lot of fun and if you didn't attend, you really did miss out! (yes, rubbing it in!). Each piece was so uniquely different from the next and that's what made it so cool. His techniques are interesting enough, but totally applicable to your own style and whatever makes you happy. (especially if you are one of those students, like me, who don't really pay attention and just sort of drift off into their own world, ha!)

It was a great group and a very laid back casual weekend with lots of laughs, paint, lighting things on fire, pizza, martini's and watching funny old videos and tv clips on you tube. (after hours!)

Everyone had their own theme and direction where there ventriloquist doll would take them. There was a native American boy, a Ring Master, a wood imp and even a robot! So as you can see, we had a great time and lots of fun.

Michael is an amazing artist and an amazing teacher. He is patient, kind and makes everyone feel comfortable. He is great at problem solving and allowing our ideas to come to life. We are very grateful to have gotten to spend another weekend with him.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A friend in need

This is my good friend, Michele. I met her when she came to work with Tucker as a caregiver. She's been with us for 15 years. She is a good friend to me and a good friend to Tucker. She is near and dear to us. This picture was taken of her at her wedding last week.

Recently Michele was diagnosed with lymphoma and today she began treatment. Her treatment is 8 hours today and 6 hours tomorrow and then she turns around and does it again in 2 1/2 weeks. 

After talking with her today, I asked her what she had brought with her to fill her time. She said magazines, bills (!) and her computer. Then a few minutes later, she texted me to let me know that there was no open wifi at her facility (and she does not have a smart phone). No wifi? What's with that? And she can't have visitors sit by her side, they have to wait in the waiting room, where there is no tv either!

So then I started thinking that I need to something about this. She needs wifi, she needs to surf the net. She could be playing "words for free" right now with me, lol. I want to help make this easier for her.

So i've decided to try and raise $500 for her so i can go buy her an iPad  with wifi. whatever difference I can't raise, I'll just cover myself. But she will have an iPad!

there's a widget on the right side for you to "ChipIn". any amount is fine. there's no dollar amount small enough to let her know you care.

thanks and i'll keep you posted!

update: Evelyn had a good question about how the iPad will work at the facility with no wifi. The  iPad  i will buy her will come with wifi and a data plan. A monthly fee will pay for the wifi, so she will always have wifi whereever she has her ipad.  Right now she's using a laptop that needs access to someone elses wifi and the wifi at the facility is "not for public use". 

UPDATE: it just less than 4 hours, we all combined forces to do something really special for someone who will benefit greatly for all our generosity, wishes of good will and kind thoughts. I am blessed to be surrounded by such good people. 

another update! i kept the ChipIn going until 9:00pm tonight. When I closed it, we had made $982! so amazing! my plan is to buy her iPad, headphones, iTunes gift card and then apply the remaining monies towards her data plan. So excited to give this to her! thanks again for all your help!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Valley Ridge with Flora Bowley

 My friend Pam and I have just returned from 3 days of painting with Flora Bowley. The workshop was held at beautiful Valley Ridge,with amazing hostess, Katherine Engen. I've been to Valley Ridge once before and the property and studio are just amazing. So beautiful and peaceful. Katherine is moving onto new adventures, so Pam and I took advantage of the studio time, knowing that things are changing for Valley Ridge.

Flora's class was just amazing. It was not about pressure or perfection. It was very calm and peaceful, full of gratitude and appreciation. A wonderful way to look at life and present a workshop.Makes me want to incoporate things differently when I teach as well.

Her painting style is a process. It might take 3 days to paint a picture, it might take a week, a few weeks or more! In the beginning of the class, we were all ask to make a commitment about our goal for her class. Mine was to not to get caught up in walking away with a "masterpiece" (just not realistic). I can get easily frustrated when painting for the "magic" to happen and my goal was to just be patient. Every morning, we would recommit or remind ourselves to our goals. great philosophy to keep  yourself on track! I left feeling peaceful, content and grateful.

It was also a treat for us all to have Flora's mom and sister, joining in on the fun. It was their first time taking a workshop with her - how cool is that?

 here's a little section of one of my paintings, a bird soaring to new heights.

 I flew into Chicago, where Pam picked me up. Then we drove 4 hours to Wisconsin. We had fun along the way and of course did a little antiquing.

 for my birthday present (Happy Birthday to me!), Pam painted this sweet little picture for me. I feel so lucky to have a piece of art created by my dear friend. It's titled, "She waters her garden daily". yep, that's me!


The rest of the post will be visual . I'll let you imagine the rest of the story as it unfolds through my photography. enjoy!


As always, thanks for tagging along!

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