Friday, September 21, 2012

Valley Ridge with Flora Bowley

 My friend Pam and I have just returned from 3 days of painting with Flora Bowley. The workshop was held at beautiful Valley Ridge,with amazing hostess, Katherine Engen. I've been to Valley Ridge once before and the property and studio are just amazing. So beautiful and peaceful. Katherine is moving onto new adventures, so Pam and I took advantage of the studio time, knowing that things are changing for Valley Ridge.

Flora's class was just amazing. It was not about pressure or perfection. It was very calm and peaceful, full of gratitude and appreciation. A wonderful way to look at life and present a workshop.Makes me want to incoporate things differently when I teach as well.

Her painting style is a process. It might take 3 days to paint a picture, it might take a week, a few weeks or more! In the beginning of the class, we were all ask to make a commitment about our goal for her class. Mine was to not to get caught up in walking away with a "masterpiece" (just not realistic). I can get easily frustrated when painting for the "magic" to happen and my goal was to just be patient. Every morning, we would recommit or remind ourselves to our goals. great philosophy to keep  yourself on track! I left feeling peaceful, content and grateful.

It was also a treat for us all to have Flora's mom and sister, joining in on the fun. It was their first time taking a workshop with her - how cool is that?

 here's a little section of one of my paintings, a bird soaring to new heights.

 I flew into Chicago, where Pam picked me up. Then we drove 4 hours to Wisconsin. We had fun along the way and of course did a little antiquing.

 for my birthday present (Happy Birthday to me!), Pam painted this sweet little picture for me. I feel so lucky to have a piece of art created by my dear friend. It's titled, "She waters her garden daily". yep, that's me!


The rest of the post will be visual . I'll let you imagine the rest of the story as it unfolds through my photography. enjoy!


As always, thanks for tagging along!


  1. Looks like it was wonderful. I never attended a workshop at Valley Ridge, and I guess it won't be happening now!

  2. Looks like you had a really wonderful time! gorgeous photos- thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Kecia! It was so great to meet you and spend time in this peaceful, positive, magical place. Love the photos!

  4. I am a great admirer of Flora and her work and hope that someday I can attend one of her workshops. Your photos are absolutely amazing, it truly looks like a most beautiful place to gather, paint and feel completely centered. I need to adopt the "let go" philosophy when let it just flow naturally and be patient as you said.

  5. This is beautiful Kecia. Thanks for the memories. Love yah! Katherine

  6. Wonderful post! Thanks for all the great photos too! Nice to be able to live a little bit vicariously! ♥

  7. Hi Kecia, I love the painting that Pam did for your birthday entitled "She waters her garden daily", does Pam have a website and does she do any other similar paintings to this - she is very good. Thank you Sam


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