Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

this weekend, I turned 47 years old. I planned a big weekend of fun for several of my friends. I knew that with Dillon leaving for school, that I would need the distraction. It was the perfect plan! Kim drove in from Ohio, Lesley came for Pennsylvania, Keli was in from Montana, Pam from Michigan and Jane came from Northern Jersey. We managed to hit 3 flea markets, eat great food, drink yummy drinks and even took a show in NYC. I thank my friends for choosing to spend this special weekend with me.


Thursday, Kim and I met up with Lesley and Keli at Columbus flea market. Many deals were to be had. I got this sweet, but heavy, cement deer that now has a special place in front of the camper.


on the way back home, we stopped for a photo opp with a NJ land shark


Friday morning we hit another flea market and then sat around and waited for Jane to arrive. (Pam arrived late the night before). It was fun to laze around with my friends as we all sat around doing some sort of creative endeavor.


Lovely flowers arrived from good friends, Tom and Lesley


after Jane arrived, it was time to hand out the goodie bags. I spent the last month ish, making special things to give to my friends to say thank you for coming. I had a lot of fun creating things for them.

i hand painted white paper bags to hold all the goodies

filled to the rim with goodies, these bags beckon my guests.

keli is excited to open hers.


some of the fun things found inside:


my gifts:

kitty from Jane


encaustic piece and vintage handbag from Keli


wall hanging from Kim


hand dyed and felted scarf from Leslie (recently created in a workshop she hosted with India Flint). Hand made brooch from JoAnnA Periotti.


Friend plaque from Pam


later in the afternoon, a henna artist arrived to tattoo us. boy was that fun!

i decided to go for the full sleeve


we drank lots of this!


Saturday morning we hit another flea market at Allaire State Park. Although a small one, we all got some really great things!

trunk show back at home with everyone's goodies


waiting for the limo, getting ready to head into the city to see "Sleep No More", Lesley took this pic of Jane and I to use as a publicity pic for an upcoming adventure to Farm Chicks. (more info on that soon).

fun limo ride!


waiting to go inside:


a pic after the show with us wearing our masks (all participants are required to wear a mask during the entire show)


the next day we headed back to Allaire State Park for pictures and to pick up some black walnuts to use in dyeing projects. (boo hoo, Kim had to leave.)


i think we tired out the pups with all our antics and laughter.


this was a picture that Lesley took of me at the flea market on Saturday.


On Sunday, everyone had to leave, but I asked Pam if she'd stay one more night before heading into NYC to visit her daughter. she kindly agreed. We spent the evening painting and laughing.

and drank more of this!

slide show!