Wednesday, February 19, 2014

teaching in the UK, Oct. 2014

2014 is a big year for me. I am turning 50 years old (really, how did that happened?) and all of a sudden I will be going to Memphis, New Orleans, Italy, Australia, Scotland and England all within a few months. (can you say whirlwind of FUN!) 

I am busy prepping to teach early spring and film online summer classes at the same time, but also have to move ahead to the fall and prepare for that as well. Can you say bug eyed?

I heading to Scotland to take a painting class (fun!). Afterwards I will fly to the UK and stay with friend, Dawn Gold, who is hosting me, while I teach 2 soldering classes. This way I can earn a little money and finally see London! Very exciting. A wonderful way to invite age 50 into my life!

Classes in the UK are going to be Nov. 1 and 2,  in Wrothham. Classes tentatively to be held at The Bull Hotel, in Wrothham.  There are 2 soldering classes. You can take one class or both. Class time is from 10-5 daily. Lunch not included. 

For the weekend, we will be focused on learning how to solder glass. So we will go through many steps to get there, such as foiling, designing your art pieces and then soldering. I have 2 special classes planned. For the first class, we will be learning how to solder smaller glass pieces to turn into wearable art, such as charms or pendants. For the second class, we will work on larger pieces of glass to create what I've come to call, my soldered muse; learning how to link larger pieces of glass together. So Day one teaches you the basics and then Day two begins to expand past beginner soldering. Dawn will be helping me with the supplies, since my USA iron will not work there. 

It is helpful to think about what you what your charms or soldered muse to reflect, so I'm going to post MANY pictures of previous soldered work to give you examples that may inspire your own ideas. You can go with a theme, such as "religious" or "family" or "pets" or "vintage" or "art work:  or "circus", etc. It really depends on what is important to you.

the nitty gritty: 

You are welcome to take one or both days. One day is $150 plus $20 supply fee OR take both days for $245 which includes your additional supply fee. Please understand that THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ONCE YOU SIGN UP. Since I am traveling from the states, I'm sure you understand the investment I am making to come and teach. My classes are quite fun and I am sure you will find  that  spending time in this creative environment will be a wonderful and  fulfilling time spent on yourself, learning and creating with equally like minded women. (please also note that prior experience not necessary. This is a time to learn and enjoy). If it is one thing I have learned, is to grab the moment when available and "go for it". 

I will also be bringing "unique" flea market goodies to sell during class. These will be things that I find locally that I enjoy using in my work, but at the same time, other women, who do not have access to such yumminess, would love to be able to buy for their artwork. My flea market will start at 9:00am before each class (to be finished by 10 for class start). 

please feel free to email me at  with any questions. If you would like to sign up, I just need you to email me your paypal address and I will send you an invoice (to be paid in dollars). I also suggest if you have emailed me and not heard back from me, to check your spam folder. My email commonly goes into spam folders. 


day one: basic soldering project $150.00
day two: Soldered muse $150.00
OR both days: $245

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