Tuesday, June 30, 2009

photo shoot

this morning i did a little photo shoot to take pictures to send to teresa of cedar junction. she's working on a blog banner for me for my new blog, "flea market junkture". here are some of the pictures from the shoot:

Monday, June 29, 2009


did you like the drama with that title? i just wanted to share that i've started a second blog, called "flea market junkture". it will be little posting on events that i come across (think "Farm Chicks type of venues) as these flea market extravaganza's and barn sales are the wave of the future. it will also include indie type events like indie craft/art shows, etc. if you know of an event, drop me an email and i'll blog about it. (these events will be flea markets or barn sales that happen a few times a year, not weekly type of flea markets).

i have more pictures to show from our trip to Adamstown, Pa and a few pics from my soldering class on sunday. but they will have to wait until tomorrow as it is way past my bed time!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Adamstown, Pa

cool things we saw today.

awesome collection of bakelite napkin rings

boxes of vintage Valentine's cards

these were called the "Quint" dolls and they each had their corresponding name pinned to their shirt. so cute! only $300 - what a steal!

this was a really cool piece that i would love to have (at only $545!) - it was labeled "industrial metal baskets"

cool weathered bookcase

basket of rusted toy railroad tracks

we saw these beautiful exotic finches at Shupp's Grove and i just loved how the owner decorated their cage.

this little Pug puppy was for sale at Shupp's market (only $800 ya'll!). oh my god, he was so cute. when i broke out my camera, he started barking this tiny little pup arf sound.

the tents at Shupp's Grove. We just love going there.
this is one item i did take home. a vintage, working! Hamilton watch.
We have an early day tomorrow. We are going to hit "Renningers" flea market. we are looking for some things to create a booth for my next show. i am going to use a vintage vanity and build around it to create a smaller version of my normal booth. my next show? i don't think i shared the news yet.... i'll be doing the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio; September 18,19, & 20. It is also my birthday and i've invited a couple of friends to come join me there.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

soldering class here, sun. June 28th

I'm holding my second soldering class here this sunday. i moved a couch out of this room (referred to as "the fireplace room") and moved in some tables. i enjoy teaching, so it's a lot of fun. there will be another one on thurs. july 9th.

things in their kit

the classroom setting

a project i came up with. i thought i'd hang it in my studio. made one for a friend too as she has a special day coming up soon.

more soldering examples

me working on a necklace for dill's girlfriend. her birthday is on sunday. (don't notice the bad example i am setting by soldering barefoot!)


a rare opportunity to have someone else take my picture!


If you are interested in attending a workshop with me, just email me at: keeshagirl4@aol.com. i've got a jewelry class planned for the end of the summer on deconstructing vintage items and re-imagining them into something new. i will also travel to your event, home party, etc. also inquiries welcomed.
Adrienne's b-day gift

pocket snippet to hold her necklace

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lots of randomness

found this on the ground

got these at the flea market. what are they? anyone? i'd say they are in the "awl" family, but each tip is different. thought they were cool.

look how pretty my manikin looks in her beautiful jewels

table i am working on. sanding and weathering come next.

things to do with an old faucet

my assistant at work today. gee, she sure smiles alot (kind of annoying...)
work was so quiet and slow that i was getting very "enthusiastically challenged" (aka bored). i didn't bring anything to work on, but did have a baggie of stamps in my purse, so i look at my booth for something to fiddle with and found this case. so starting gluing stamps on it to kill time.

Monday, June 22, 2009

finding some fun in all this rain

steampunk class i am working on to teach, here in late aug. or early sept.

playing in the rain

due to a mermaid washing ashore, traffic was backed up at exit 98.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

roller derby mania!

So last night Jane and i went to see the Jersey Shore Roller Girls at the Asbury Park Convention Center. when we left the house, it was not raining. however, by the time we got to the restaurant it was coming down. we didn't have any umbrellas, but Jane had a couple of USPS priority mail boxes in her car, so we used those to cover our heads. We had a nice dinner at Langcosta Lounge. by the time we finished dinner, it was POURING buckets. water was everywhere. we were soaked by the time we got to the convention center. wet jeans, soggy heels, gross! (but our hair was dry thanks to the postal service)

trying to find a parking spot


me and jane running for cover! (notice the priority mail box/umbrella)


entering the convention center - the floor was soaked and slippery!


the convention center is right on the beach in Asbury Park, so here is a view from upstairs.

"Greetings from Asbury Park" - this was Bruce Springsteen's famous ablum


the girls are warming up. We decided to support "Anchors Assassins"

feeling a little soggy & cold here!

we were surprised by an appearance of the "internationally-known dog catcher silver string submarine all-star competition bagpipe band" (that's some title, huh?) but they were really cool.

pictures from throughout the evening of the competiton. although they played their best, "Anchors Assassins" lost to the undefeated "Right Coast Rollers" thanks to their secret weapon, #666, Chelle B Evil - who was an incredible skater. that girl was fast, coordinated and lithe!

random photo of the Wonder Bar, but the face up top is of "Tillie" a vintage icon from the yester year of Asbury Park

ahh, see a Little People did go to the derby, but was kind of shy. he got his pep up later for some coffee and red velvet cupcake .

Saturday, June 20, 2009

things i've been working on.

needs to be added to website (too tired right now to do it!)


spoon necklace - needs to be added to website



here's a fun project. tie dye a vintage slip. then use some fabric spray (tie dye in a bottle @ Micheal's) and stencil on top of the slip skirt.


while i had the stencil out and it was wet, i used it on this table i bought at a flea market (i repainted it).

slide show!