Friday, June 26, 2009

Adamstown, Pa

cool things we saw today.

awesome collection of bakelite napkin rings

boxes of vintage Valentine's cards

these were called the "Quint" dolls and they each had their corresponding name pinned to their shirt. so cute! only $300 - what a steal!

this was a really cool piece that i would love to have (at only $545!) - it was labeled "industrial metal baskets"

cool weathered bookcase

basket of rusted toy railroad tracks

we saw these beautiful exotic finches at Shupp's Grove and i just loved how the owner decorated their cage.

this little Pug puppy was for sale at Shupp's market (only $800 ya'll!). oh my god, he was so cute. when i broke out my camera, he started barking this tiny little pup arf sound.

the tents at Shupp's Grove. We just love going there.
this is one item i did take home. a vintage, working! Hamilton watch.
We have an early day tomorrow. We are going to hit "Renningers" flea market. we are looking for some things to create a booth for my next show. i am going to use a vintage vanity and build around it to create a smaller version of my normal booth. my next show? i don't think i shared the news yet.... i'll be doing the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio; September 18,19, & 20. It is also my birthday and i've invited a couple of friends to come join me there.


  1. You are going to be in my neck of the woods, sort of when you are at Renningers. I'm about 45 mins. south of there. It is a very cool place with lots and lots of goodies. I haven't been there in years but used to go sort of often when my sister worked up there. Any who, have fun and I really want to try to get to one of your classes sometime.

  2. I ended up not having to work tomorrow----any space for me???? I hope you find what you are looking for at a great price......what a great way to celebrate your birthday with Country Living's show,


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