Sunday, June 14, 2009

old, uninspiring lamp to exciting fun lamp

picked this up yesterday at Allaire state park. i could see the potential in it.

yay, look at me now! so much brighter and colorful!
i carved "Lemoncholy's" in the base

this is what i glued to the front of the lamp. i got this in an Easter swap a few years ago. I've always just loved it and it was the perfect piece to add for a focal point.

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  1. Hi there! Diane's Artstanding Stranger sent me here and what a delight! (even though I am quickly turning green with envy!) Oh, your flea market looks like heaven and the things you chose are perfection. I enjoyed peeking through your blog some (I have a passion for sea glass, by the way - look for it every chance I get and then bring it home and color sort it into giant mason jars - have I done a thing with the 50 lbs or so that I have? no but LOVE what you did!) Well, I just wanted to say hi before I go add you to my blog links. Your blog is lovely and interesting and I look forward to many more visits!



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