Monday, January 24, 2011

not much going on

not much news to report. I'm busy getting ready to leave for California on Friday for CHA. I'll be working the Objects and Elements booth and then doing lots of networking (check out jen's lastest post here for some exciting news!). so it should be much fun. I'm hoping for some sunny, warm weather!

also, at the same time, I am starting to prepare for Artfest, which is in April.

this picture is of kashie, who i left in the studio area while i tended to tuck - he didn't like that so much! he's getting so big and weighs a whopping 3.2 pounds now!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

weekend with Colleen Moody

Boy did we have an amazing weekend. Colleen Moody flew in and 20 of us took a 2 day workshop with her on sculpting a bird out of paperclay. We made our own feet and wings as well. As you can imagine, there was lots of laughs and fun. We got a good deal done on our dolls and then Sunday night after dinner, a few of us continued to work on our dolls while Colleen sat and relaxed (she worked hard, our Colleen!)

Colleen brought me this gorgeous doll as a gift. I know, i know, I'm a lucky girl!


and this is what i gifted Colleen with


the morning started off with a visit from kashie


and then it was time to get to work!


here's where i am at with my doll. she is a ballerina. she has her dress, it just needs to be sewn in the back. I'm thinking for her head, i'm going to make a crown out of some vintage metal fencing that i have.

thanks again to Colleen for a wonderful weekend and jetting across the united states to share your art and talents with us!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Will you be my Valentine?

Last year I did a one on one Valentine's Day swap and am doing it again this year (meaning you send me a Valentine and I send you a Valentine). It was really fun and I look forward to doing it again this year.

I've decided this year that the Valentine's need to be handmade. Other than that, you can do whatever you want. You can do it collage style, with fabric, paint it, make it out of paper- the skies the limit!

update- FULL!

Our cards need to be in the mail by Monday, February 7th. So if you are interesting in swapping a Valentine's Day card with me, please leave a comment here (to help me keep track) and drop me an email to me: When you email me, be sure to include your address!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silver Sunday 1/09/11

It's Silver Sunday again, hooking up with Gypsy Fish Studio to show off the silver in our lives.

I obviously have a love for worn, tarnished, aged, patina'd, grungey, scratched types of metals. I find them at the flea markets and don't pay too much for them. As a grouping, they are quite beautiful.


just love these shakers. they rest inside an old doll armoire that sits on top of a book shelf in my bedroom.


old metal jewelry boxes. the two on the left are my favorites!


an old Parmesan cheese shaker perhaps? i'm not sure, but i put German Glitter glass in it!


Old jello/pudding /candy/tart tins


found this while antiquing with my friend, Leslie. Such a great find! (another favorite, got lots of those!)


old candy molds (love the bunnies!)


and an old metal tray, scored for $5 at the flea market. I tried to do some research on the inscription on the tray (1st Lighting R.Y.C. '54), but wasn't able to come up with any results. It's quite beautiful though and has amazing engraving designs on it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Great News!

The Art-is-You gals are spreading the love around and bringing their event to California in September. The event will take place in Petaluma, California, September 22 - September 26th.

here are just a few of the instructors who will be teaching there:

Dara DiMagno
JoAnnA Pierotti
Kerin Gale & Charley Slaughter
Laurel Steven
Laurie Meseroll
Laurie Mika
Leighanna Light
Lesley Venable
Linda Willis
Nicole Bowen
Nina Bagley
Pamela Huntington
Serena Barton
Shelly Massey
Thomas Ashman
Traci Bautista
Keith lo bue
Stephanie lee
Judy wise
and MORE!

stop by and check it out and if you sign up for some classes, let me know which ones!

**you'll notice i am not teaching- that's because Dillon is off to school about that same time and i will be watching tucker while jeff gets dillon moved to Florida. But i might fly in at the end to take a few classes!

and for you east coasters- the Oct. art retreat will be taking place in Danbury, Connecticut on the 6th-11th. Come and join us!

here are my classes for Danbury:

Tin Art Jewelry and more


Home is where the heart is


Adventures in Resin


My crowning glory


Lulu's Tutu

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Product Review - Hot Glue Gun Helpers

Last year at CHA, i got to play with this cool little tool, called "Hot Glue Gun Helpers", made by Plaid. Besides my soldering iron and sewing machine, my hot glue gun is a one of my favorite tools to use!

Recently I received the complete set and was asked to do a product review and share with my readers. So last night I decided was the perfect time to play around with it while i working on some scrap fabric flowers.

The kit comes with a craft mat, finger caps, tweezers, a paddle and a press wand. I like the bright pink they used because when storing these items along with my glue gun, they are easy to spot. Also if i lay them down on my messy work station, again, easy to spot amongst all the other stuff.


This is how you use the finger cap. I tend to place it over my index finger and then as i squeeze out some glue, using my protected finger to push the glue into place without burning myself.


the tweezers are another smart addition. I wanted to add this little piece of silver trim to my flower, so it was easy to grab with the tweezers and glue without my fingers getting anywhere near the hot glue. sure i could use my regular tweezers, but then i have to pick off any glue sticking to the end. with these tweezers, the glue just peels right off.


and this is how i was using the press wand. i needed to do some gluing from underneath the flower- so i squeezed in some glue and then turned the flower right side up and pressed the wand into where i wanted the glue to go. pressing with this tool allowed the glue to dry where i needed it without me having my fingers anywhere involved.

So my opinion? i LOVE these tools. i think they are easy to use, hold and deal with. I like the easy clean up, but mostly i like not burning my fingers! Thanks to Plaid, Amy Anderson and Cathie Fillian for sending this my way.

The sets are now available in Cathie Fillian's etsy shoppe. feel free to tell them that i sent you over!

slide show!