Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silver Sunday 1/09/11

It's Silver Sunday again, hooking up with Gypsy Fish Studio to show off the silver in our lives.

I obviously have a love for worn, tarnished, aged, patina'd, grungey, scratched types of metals. I find them at the flea markets and don't pay too much for them. As a grouping, they are quite beautiful.


just love these shakers. they rest inside an old doll armoire that sits on top of a book shelf in my bedroom.


old metal jewelry boxes. the two on the left are my favorites!


an old Parmesan cheese shaker perhaps? i'm not sure, but i put German Glitter glass in it!


Old jello/pudding /candy/tart tins


found this while antiquing with my friend, Leslie. Such a great find! (another favorite, got lots of those!)


old candy molds (love the bunnies!)


and an old metal tray, scored for $5 at the flea market. I tried to do some research on the inscription on the tray (1st Lighting R.Y.C. '54), but wasn't able to come up with any results. It's quite beautiful though and has amazing engraving designs on it.


  1. Kecia, looks like that tray could have been a 1st place award for the "LightNing" division of the Riverton Yacht Club in NJ? Check out their website:

    Lovely silver by the way!

  2. Very cool Kecia! I love tarnished shabby chic silver stuff too! thanks for sharing!

  3. beautiful silver pieces! i love those bird shakers, but the tray is my very favorite. what a great deal.

  4. Hello Kecia,
    so nice to see your bird salters. I own also two different of this cute items. I made a post about it in May last year:
    All the other things are really treasures, too. Thank you for sharing.
    Greetings, Johanna

  5. all beautiful stuff Kecia! I especially love the candy molds.
    Have a sweet and creative week!

  6. Oh, loved seeing each one of these, but especially adore the little birdies.
    All beautiful silvers. Thanks for sharing! ~ Sarah

  7. Oh my what a beautiful collection of silver treasures. You must have had so much fun finding each item and imagining the possibilities. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I think what you keep your gliiter in is called a Muffineer - it was for sugar and/or cinnamon. (think cinnamon toast, where you shake a mixture of sugar and cinnamon on the toast).

    lovely items!



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