Monday, January 24, 2011

not much going on

not much news to report. I'm busy getting ready to leave for California on Friday for CHA. I'll be working the Objects and Elements booth and then doing lots of networking (check out jen's lastest post here for some exciting news!). so it should be much fun. I'm hoping for some sunny, warm weather!

also, at the same time, I am starting to prepare for Artfest, which is in April.

this picture is of kashie, who i left in the studio area while i tended to tuck - he didn't like that so much! he's getting so big and weighs a whopping 3.2 pounds now!


  1. Kashie is soooooo cute! What a face and what a picture! They never like being left without do they? Safe travels!

  2. Kecia, could you please email your address to me? thanks!!
    have a fun trip!


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