Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flea Market Friday - join in!

Hi and welcome to flea market friday. We show off our goodies the first Friday of every month and the rules are simple:

1) post about your flea market, antiquing, thrift store or garage sale items
2) link your blog post back here to flea market friday.


So having just returned from 2 weeks on the road where i was hauling a trailer with a wee bit of spare room in it, my friends and i decided to hit as many antique, flea markets and thrift stores that we could pack in. Wow, did we go to a lot. I think i wore my friend, Pam, out! It was fun to take pics of all the stores we went to.


my favorite purchases were these:

this is an old Revlon drug store advertising display. I'm sure at one time it must have held packets of eyeshadow. it is so cool and the light on the top actually works. i bought it for a steal at $50 -i thought it would be the coolest way to display jewelry.

my other favorite purchases were these vintage dresses found in Michigan. for the most part, they are in great shape; just need a good cleaning! another steal at $10 a piece!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

being brave

Recently I returned from being on the road for almost two weeks. I rented a uhaul trailer and left New Jersey to make my way to Minneapolis where i was to sell at The Creative Connection. I stopped at stay with friends along the way to break up the driving.

As i pulled out the driveway with the trailer attached to my car, I was a little nervous. Sure, I've driven across the United States twice alone (and once with a 14month old baby!), but I'd never pulled a trailer before. Things that I use to do without a thought as a younger girl, now as i am older, i spend more time thinking about what i am doing and wondering, "can i do this"? i'm not sure why or when we start to question ourselves now that we are older. is it because society confines us to certain rules and we get caught up thinking that we can't wear something because magazines say that "at this age, you should be dressing like this"? or is it because other people look at you and say "wow, you are crazy, i'd never do that" "or how can you stand to be alone for that long". (btw, the alone time - i LOVED it!) I do believe that society does put alot of pressure on us to behave in a certain way.

We were going to do some practicing with the trailer before we left (as being a Virgo and ex GirlScout, I like to be organized and prepared!), but there was no time. My husband tried to give me some pointers, but i was to busy trying to get on the road to actually process them. I was nervous for a few miles as I got use to the trailer and remember some of the things that he had told me. I started to think about what was making me so nervous and the more i drove, the better I felt. I like to sing a little mantra do myself when i am doing the self doubting thing. It's from "Finding Nemo" when Doree says to Marlin "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" (try it, it works!)

i think one of the reasons i was nervous was because pulling a trailer was a first for me. however as i began to drive, it occurred to me that the other drivers did not know that i was nervous and to them, i probably look like i knew what i was doing - so i started practicing what i like to refer to as "perceived confidence". Growing up in the military (Navy brat, thank you very much), there were many, many times were i was the new kid. that kid walking into the classroom where everyone knows each other am they are all staring at me. So even at an early age, i would walk in those situations with my head held high and "act" confident. they didn't know i was nervous and i certainly wasn't going to tell them. At the show, I worked hard to introduce myself (not my favorite thing to do), to talk the talk and walk the walk). i grabbed "power women" and promoted myself and my work. Not an easy thing to do, that "promoting yourself". it takes confidence and the ability to tell yourself, "i have nothing to lose". even if none of it ever pans out, I gave it my best shot.

the same can be applied to getting started as an artist, starting to sell your art, becoming a teacher and more. The more confident you appear to others, the easier it gets (in my opinion). I think it's more flattering as a person to exude confidence then to ooze self doubt. sure it's a lot of hard work. i've worked my butt off over the last 4 years, but my confidence and fearless attitude is starting to pay off. As I left a new friend on the last leg of my journey to come home, she said to me "you are so talented and fearless. I find it inspiring". As i hugged her goodbye, I left with a smile on face. That's what i want to hear - I want others to know that you can do it if you try.

It's easier than you think.

i totally forgot to mention one harrowing parking incident. I could see quickly that it was not a situation I or my friends could get out of, so I immediately took charge (as it was a young, not-so-smart parking attendant who got us in a pickle). Another part of being brave is also knowing when to throw in the towel and demand help immediately!

Monday, September 27, 2010

hi, just a quick post to say i am finally home! i am unpacking and then reorganizing to teach at Art-is-You which is fast approaching!

i'll do a blog post this week of the trip, but in the meantime, don't forget that this friday, Oct. 1st - is flea market friday, so stop on by and let's see what you have been up to and the goodies you have found!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

checking in from Michigan!

a quick check in to say i 'm having a great time. i've been doing a lot of antiquing with friends. i've been to Ohio, Michigan and then onto Minneapolis to vend at The Creative Connection. When i get home, i'll blog about it better (i'm hijacking Pam's computer at the moment). tomorrow i leave for Columbus, where i will stay for a few days with Laurie Meseroll. Friday we will hit Country Living Fair (she's selling as part of Earth Angels) and then i will leave for home on Saturday. in the mean time, here are a few random photos along the way.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

heading out soon

I'm leaving on Friday, making my way out to Minneapolis, where i will be selling at The Creative Connection event. I'll be rooming with my pal, Ruth Rae (and yes, i'm bringing her some pork roll!) I'm not taking any classes, but the vending event looks like is going to be really amazing. the lineup for vendors has me drooling!

Along the way, i will be making pit stops at a few friends houses; kim in Ohio and Pam in Michigan. We will have some play time as well, so that will be fun. I'll be hauling a 5x8 trailer behind my SUV, so that should be interesting! It'll be a great way to spend my 46th birthday!

here is a pretty girl that will be going to the event with me. I call her "County Fair Girl" as she took first place in the local county fair (well, she wears a vintage ribbon giving her the title!)

i have so many fun items to sell at the event, but i've been keeping them under wraps. after i get set up, i'll take many photos and hopefully blog them while i am there!


in other news, I'll be in the fall issue of Boho magazine, so look for my "Boho Bangles". (not an article, just a blurb) i haven't received my copy yet, so i'm not sure what page they are on, but i'll keep you posted. you can see them here first though!


in other super exciting news, my girlfriend, Kim, just emailed me to tell me that my class at Artfest is sold out!


new update to the trip: on the way back home, i'll be staying with Laurie Meseroll ,for a few days so that i can hit one day of the Country Living Fair. Laurie will be at the EarthAngels tent in case you want to drop by and see all their wonderful work. I'm excited to get to do this as i sold there last year and it was really a good time. i met some wonderful people and really enjoyed the event. so i'll be playing with Laurie for a few days and then looking up people i met at the show last year. (i'll go surprise The Summerhouse girls) then i will finally come on home!

after i get home, it's time to prepare for Art-is-You where i will be teaching a few classes and taking a class with Laurie. busy month!

Monday, September 6, 2010

learn how to enamel

On Sunday, October 24th from 11:00-4:00, I will be hostessing an enameling workshop here at Lemoncholy's Studio with artist, Jean Van Bredorode. Jean describes the class as:

Early Bird Enameled Necklace or Brooch

We will learn how to create this domed copper bird shape with a hydraulic press, then kiln-enamel it front & back, and add some words (you may choose your own if you wish) to give it extra pizzazz! We'll use a hydraulic press to shape the copper with a die that we've designed and created ourselves. Together, we will give her the cutest wire-formed birdie legs and add a tiny ladybug hanging from her mouth. The techniques you will learn in this class can be used to make an unlimited number of designs in many sizes limited only by your imagination!

I hope you will come join us!

If you are interested, please email me at for more information. please visit Jean's etsy site to view more of her work and other type of projects that can be created using enameling techniques.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Flea Market Friday - join in!

From the flea market last week, i scored ($60!) this awesome old storage piece. it seems to be some sort of old index holder of history stuff. not sure much more about it from there. there's a little shelf that pulls out and i believe it used to be covered with an index map of where to locate items in the storage piece. one piece i can read (it was ripped off, but there's a tiny snippet in the way back that i found) reads something about an image from some Spanish event.

but anyway, it's mine now and it is now an index for Lemoncholy goodness! it has 5 draws, all of which has been fillled with stuff i have found from the flea market over the past few years. What i love most about it, is that i can store my art books on top and i love how i can see them standing up like that.


slide show!