Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lots of randomness

found this on the ground

got these at the flea market. what are they? anyone? i'd say they are in the "awl" family, but each tip is different. thought they were cool.

look how pretty my manikin looks in her beautiful jewels

table i am working on. sanding and weathering come next.

things to do with an old faucet

my assistant at work today. gee, she sure smiles alot (kind of annoying...)
work was so quiet and slow that i was getting very "enthusiastically challenged" (aka bored). i didn't bring anything to work on, but did have a baggie of stamps in my purse, so i look at my booth for something to fiddle with and found this case. so starting gluing stamps on it to kill time.


  1. Lots and lots of wonderful randomness
    Cute heart

  2. Oh, I guess I am not so clever, everyone has written exactly what I was thinking "lots of LOVELY randomness" - at least its unanimous! You are just one of those people that I can count on to show me all of the most interesting beautiful little details in life and I only know 2 or 3 of you that can do this well. It is an exclusive and elite lot, the few of you. It takes a special something to live and share such a beautiful slant on the world and all of the little treasures and moments too many of us miss. Well done!


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