Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A friend in need

This is my good friend, Michele. I met her when she came to work with Tucker as a caregiver. She's been with us for 15 years. She is a good friend to me and a good friend to Tucker. She is near and dear to us. This picture was taken of her at her wedding last week.

Recently Michele was diagnosed with lymphoma and today she began treatment. Her treatment is 8 hours today and 6 hours tomorrow and then she turns around and does it again in 2 1/2 weeks. 

After talking with her today, I asked her what she had brought with her to fill her time. She said magazines, bills (!) and her computer. Then a few minutes later, she texted me to let me know that there was no open wifi at her facility (and she does not have a smart phone). No wifi? What's with that? And she can't have visitors sit by her side, they have to wait in the waiting room, where there is no tv either!

So then I started thinking that I need to something about this. She needs wifi, she needs to surf the net. She could be playing "words for free" right now with me, lol. I want to help make this easier for her.

So i've decided to try and raise $500 for her so i can go buy her an iPad  with wifi. whatever difference I can't raise, I'll just cover myself. But she will have an iPad!

there's a widget on the right side for you to "ChipIn". any amount is fine. there's no dollar amount small enough to let her know you care.

thanks and i'll keep you posted!

update: Evelyn had a good question about how the iPad will work at the facility with no wifi. The  iPad  i will buy her will come with wifi and a data plan. A monthly fee will pay for the wifi, so she will always have wifi whereever she has her ipad.  Right now she's using a laptop that needs access to someone elses wifi and the wifi at the facility is "not for public use". 

UPDATE: it just less than 4 hours, we all combined forces to do something really special for someone who will benefit greatly for all our generosity, wishes of good will and kind thoughts. I am blessed to be surrounded by such good people. 

another update! i kept the ChipIn going until 9:00pm tonight. When I closed it, we had made $982! so amazing! my plan is to buy her iPad, headphones, iTunes gift card and then apply the remaining monies towards her data plan. So excited to give this to her! thanks again for all your help!


  1. I will gladly donate to the cause and will see you on Saturday so will give to you then, but if there is no open WiFi, won't she have the same issue with an Ipad too?

  2. no, because the ipad has its own wifi. right now she's using a laptop that needs access to someone elses wifi and the wifi at the facility is "not for public use". with the ipad, she'll be paying for wifi that comes with it.

  3. More people like you needed in this world. What a loving friend you are xo

  4. what a good friend you are. i live on disability but i will donate $5.00, sorry wish it could be 50.00 but every little bit will help. i volunteer for charitywings.org and we help all kinds of charities. nice to know you are such a loving friend. she is blessed. send me a paypal to loveyou2pieces@gmail.com if you can or an address to send it too. hugs,lura

  5. Just to clarify for your friends, iPads can come with 3G.. which is like a cell phone. So if a cell phone has reception, so will the iPad. Glad you put up the ChipIn thing. I am going to donate now Kecia. Yay!!

  6. I just chipped in. you are almost there..what a great friend you are.

  7. Loving what you've done for your friend. Happy to help, and now let's all watch more magical things come Michelle's way. And yours... <3<3<3

  8. YOU....are a lovely person!!! I am donating to this thoughtful cause because of that! I am deeply touched. I visited your blog to thank you for your lovely contribution to Handmade U of which I attended for the 3rd time & found a friend in need. I am deeply touched & moved to say the least. We need more people like you in this world....you make me HAPPY..... may you find many blessings in your life.

  9. tears of joy-im proud to know you, lady. all the best to your friend. she looks like a ray of sunshine.

  10. What a lovely woman! You can just see it in her face! I started writing a note on chip in and got cut off. I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer in February and spent fourteen months in hospitals with him. My IPad saved me (and I now have 90,000 pins on Pinterest...lol). (This wonderful community was another 'saving grace" during his illness). I just got back from Handmade U and know that you donated a prize. I can't tell you what it meant for us all to get a prize. Thank you so much!

    i have two friends who are doing very well, five years out, with Lymphoma. I will hope and pray for the same for Michele!


  11. glad i could help a little. what a lovely woman and what a great friend you are. xoxo

  12. So happy to help. Keep us updated on her progress. xoxo


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