Monday, October 1, 2012

deMeng'd, again

Michael  deMeng was in the house this past weekend. He was here last year and we had so much fun that we begged him to come back again this year! (and at the conclusion of this years class,we were begging him to come back next year as well!)

This year we made our own ventriloquist dolls using vintage doll heads. It was really a lot of fun and if you didn't attend, you really did miss out! (yes, rubbing it in!). Each piece was so uniquely different from the next and that's what made it so cool. His techniques are interesting enough, but totally applicable to your own style and whatever makes you happy. (especially if you are one of those students, like me, who don't really pay attention and just sort of drift off into their own world, ha!)

It was a great group and a very laid back casual weekend with lots of laughs, paint, lighting things on fire, pizza, martini's and watching funny old videos and tv clips on you tube. (after hours!)

Everyone had their own theme and direction where there ventriloquist doll would take them. There was a native American boy, a Ring Master, a wood imp and even a robot! So as you can see, we had a great time and lots of fun.

Michael is an amazing artist and an amazing teacher. He is patient, kind and makes everyone feel comfortable. He is great at problem solving and allowing our ideas to come to life. We are very grateful to have gotten to spend another weekend with him.


  1. Incredible art -- each one so unique, as individual as the artists themselves!

  2. Those are amazing! What an awesome class- I have always admired his work.

  3. Great post Kecia! and great pictures, too! (I see the wood nymph has a hear necklace now, definitely not 'devil', lol} Thanks for being a most excellent host. Great points about Michael's teaching.... (although several little birdies have told me about your teaching skills as well :) ) xoxo

  4. p.s. laughing at myself- i read your blog so often I didn't realize that I never officially became a follower- so there I am- your newest addition!

  5. you captured great pictures of all the pieces. Thank you! It was such a fun and productive weekend. I sure hope he is able to come back again!


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