Tuesday, February 19, 2008

please say some doggie prayers

My mom's sweet little doggie, Muppet isn't doing so well. She's older and has Cushing's disease. she's had a tough weekend. they are going to the vet today. i'm sad.


  1. I will say some prayers. Dogs are such a part of our family.

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  3. Woofs and wags for Muppet from the gang here.

  4. Oh sweetpea, don't be sad. Any dog that has been loved and well taken care of at some time has to go into the other side of life, and although your mother is going to miss her dog, there is comfort in knowing that there is no more pain, and that she would have wonderful memories to keep from their time together.

    hugs from both of us.

  5. Yes, Muppet will be in my prayers.I so understand the pain, I went through this.
    Lots of very gentle hugs to you sweet Muppet!


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