Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my prizes from OWOH arrived

My first prize is from Jeweled Elegance at http://jeweledelegance.blogspot.com/. how stunning is this ring? i still can't believe it won something so beautiful. i just wore it to lunch and received several compliments on it. i have to say it sure looks great on my finger!
my other prize came in an ENOURMOUS box. if you go to her link, she is holding up a wreath and i thought that was the wreath i won . http://creativemusingswithmya.blogspot.com/2008/02/happy-valentines-day-owoh-giveaway.html so i had no idea what was in this box that jeff had put on my bed. i said to him, i didn't order anything that big, wonder what it is? i didn't recognize the address either. When i opened it, i was thrilled! it is so gorgeous. i was immediately filled with a sense of spring! look how wonderful it looks hanging on my front door. what nice mail to come home too!
thank you both so much - i so appreciate you sharing your beautiful things through OWOH.


  1. Both are stunning, and so well deserved - love, mom

  2. yeah!!!
    lucky lady!
    love them both.
    i won on a blog too, it has been shopped, i can't wait to see what it is?

  3. That is a lovely ring and what a gorgeous wreath ! I too thought you'd won the wee rose one, quite a difference eh lol ! Looks quite stunning on your door :)
    Lucky person you ! oooox

  4. Fun and the wreath is gorgeous!

  5. Og that ring is gorgeous!! And the wreath is so full of spring!!
    Have a lovely day :-)

  6. Wow what a lucky girl. A beautiful ring and a gorgeous wreath.

  7. Hello Kecia! You seem to be a lucky gal!!!!! I love your red door by the way!!!!!
    I love that ring from bejeweled!!!

  8. oh lucky you! I feel like I say that to a lot of people. there must be lots of lucky people out there!
    be watching your mail dear as I mailed your doll yesterday!!! OH I do so hope you like her.. she is not so artsy fartsy like the very awesome one you sent me! Cant wait for you to recieve her!

  9. the ring, the ring!!! BEAUTIFUL! and it looks amazing on your hand. *darn*
    the wreath is amazing - i LOVE it.

    oh, my gosh, you must feel like Christmas happened!

  10. Oh! That wreath is just gorgeous!! And it looks great on your door!

    Glad you like the ring! Now - off to read about your fantastic creations from ArtNest :)


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