Tuesday, February 19, 2008

bathroom door

This is my bathroom door. it was already yellow and had the mirror on it, but it just bored me. need something more! i've been wanting to do something with it for about a year, but just didn't know what. so in between packing yesterday (for Artnest) i would work on it. i was in a closet getting out something when i saw all my old stencils. so i decided to do layers of stencils. first i painted huge dark pink cirlces all over. next i started stenciling. the first stencil was a lacy pattern that i did in white. then i added the green wrought iron/scroll stencil in green, the green fence pattern (bottom only) and finally the birds in black. i'll give it a few coats of poly when i get back to protect it.

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  1. Kecia - I love your door!! Love the colors- it turned out beatufil. Girl, you get more done in your day - I'm always amazed at how much STUFF you do!!! Very inspiring:) Debra


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