Wednesday, February 13, 2008

re: be green - forgot this tip

here 's another tip for all those plastic bags that accumulate in our possession - save them up and then give to a local thrift store for them to use. about once a month i take shopping bags (then kind you get at the mall) and put the rest of my access plastic bags in them and drop them off at the thrift store. they always love when i show up with bags for them to use!


  1. I take my bags to the local fabric store!
    They have named me the bag lady!

    Hugz, Dolly

  2. Hi! Congrats!! You are the OHOW winner of my nest ring over all Jeweled Elegance!!!! Please send me your mailing address when you get a chance :)

  3. Whoops, that's "at" not "all" :) Typing too fast again :)


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