Friday, February 8, 2008

thurs. project

and this is what i worked on here and there yesterday - an altered jewelry box. i've done many of these before and they always look so great when they are done! i just despise that old brown look and love to see them full of new life! that's vintage lace around the bottom part of the box and also a vintage brooch has been glued down to the center of the tapestry. i will be adding this to my etsy shoppe which can be found at:


  1. Kecia! I love these last three projects! The door is so cute and I want to do a jewelry box like that too. Love the drawers and door. YOur shelf is really neat too and I like the tree painting.


  2. Hi Kecia!
    I just had to take a moment to come and visit. I really like this pretty box, it looks beautifully, ever so carefully executed, just like you!
    I will be back....

  3. Did you use spray paint on the bird and side motif? Whatever it is ,I like the effect!


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