Sunday, February 3, 2008


It's superbowl Sunday, are you going to watch the game? i won't watch one second of it! i never do. just not interested. i find a million other things to do! even last year when we had a super bowl party i didn't watch it! my husband is actually in Phoenix with 2 friends. they don't have tickets to the game but are going to watch it on a tv in the parking lot. they got a grill and all kinds of food (plus beer i am sure!). so we will be hearing from him later about the festivities.
dillon and i are going to catch a movie and then i will come home and nap before the girl watching tucker needs to leave. he had a better night last night without coughing, so i got some rest, but don't feel "rested"! when jeff gets back, i am taking an ambien, putting in my earplugs and pulling a Johnny Appleseed.
this is a picture i took this morning from Jeff's room. Jeff sleeps in the room that is adjacent from Tucker's room so that during the night, he can get up with him as needed. when i woke up this morning, i loved how the sun was hitting my Cecil Bruner climbing rose bush outside the window and then casting a shadow upon the curtain. now if i could just get a little birdie to land there for the next time! (hmmm, sounds like a shot i can stage.................)


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  2. love this picture, you need to resin it!!!


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