Friday, February 29, 2008

one of my dolls from the swap arrived

Vivian Neroni of hosted a "beat the winter blues" doll swap. i was partered up with Vivian and also Sammy. My doll from Vivian arrived yesterday. she is so cute! (top and middle picture) She was handmade by Vivian, who also makes lots of other incredible goodies! My son and i really like her hat! the bottom picture is the doll i made for Vivian. her base is a vintage bottle of perfume and a candy tin. the dress i took from another doll and then dyed it with red koolaid and tea. her face is from a vintage valentine's day card i own. i want to show the doll i made for Sammy, but she reads this blog, so i'll have to wait!


  1. they are sooooooooooo cute! a great way to get rid of any winter blahs!

  2. just darling!!!
    so cute!!

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  4. I deleted previous comment because I've figured out how to enlarge my photos, yay. Now the walk photos look so much better, why not check them out.

    So let me repeat that I think your swap dolls are lovely and must have been great fun to make :)

  5. I love them!!! Your blog is so beautiful!!

    oh and...

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