Monday, February 18, 2008

Our first "Memory Monday"

So i've decided to start a new community here on my blog called "Memory Monday's". (i'll have to make a button!) the gist of it, is remembering ourselves as little girls, teenagers, young women, college days, wedding, pregnancy, etc. (basically who we were before we were married with children). After my Monday post, i will give the topic for the next Monday, to give you a week to think about it, gather up a photo, etc. When you post your topic, come leave a link in the comment section, so that we can all come see! You do not have to have a blog to participate (as i've already had inquiries with that question). Simply leave your story in the comment section for that post. I've got a list started with topics, but feel free to email suggestions to me! The topic for this Monday, Feb. 18th, was a memorable childhood haircut. tell us about how your hair looked when you were younger - when it was in the hands of your parents, not you!

According to my mom, my hair was very unruling, babyfine and fragile. Apparently no one knew what to do with it. (unlike my older sister who had nice thick curly hair.....). these 2 photos are classic pictures of what my hair always looked like! the first one was the ever popular "kitchen bangs" - oh my god, look how crooked my bangs are (and super short as well)! gotta love it - but that was my favorite shirt! the second photo, was also the "in"thing in the 70's- the "Shag", a haircut i absolutely HATED! i think now a days, the term "mullet" would be more appropriate.
In my mom's defense, i have to agree with her. my hair is extremely annoying, baby fine, fragile, stick straight and only wants to do it's own thing. the only time my hair looks great is the day i get a cut and my stylist dries it for me (what a treat!) if i do style my hair, it looks fabulous for about 5 minutes. it's all down hill after that. the safest bet for my hair is a pony tail!
the topic for next weeks "memory monday" is - "your first job"
please visit this weeks participants:
Jean (no blog,but posted a pic and story on flickr) -


  1. I'm playing!

    Let's see if I can make this link to my post work.

    I think the 1970s were rough time for girls and haircuts. I have stick straight, thick hair that doesn't want to hold a curl easily. On second thought, maybe the 1970s weren't so bad, it was the big hair 80s that were tough. *g*

    No pics from me on my post - only because Mom's keeping them from me. Which is a good thing. I'll try to get them when she comes out next month, but I'm not sure I want to share those 'bad hair years' with the world.

  2. I love this idea. I'm playing too!

  3. This is a really great idea! Lots of fun.

  4. Hi Kecia,
    Very fun challenge. You were such a cute kid!

    Beautiful artwork on your slideshow - dazzling!

    I love the backgrounds of your blog!


  5. OH MY GOSH, Kecia, you were too cute!!! Sandra and I are looking for our old pictures to post too. I think you are adorable!! I am so glad that I grew up and look ALOT different than that time in my life! Here's to maturing into our looks, Cari

  6. I love your hair!! I think that is an adorable look - call me crazy:)! Cutie-Patootie!!

  7. Sounds like fun - I missed the first one but will definitely chime in on the "First Job".


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