Tuesday, February 5, 2008

locked out

yesterday i got tucker off to school and was still quite tired from getting up in the night with him, so i decided to lay back down for a few more hours. after i got up i made some coffee and jumped in the shower. after my shower, i decided to go throw a bunch of parcels in the car and warm up the car at the same time so i could get them all mailed out. (some etsy sales, valentine's swap goodies) and when i came back to the door, i was locked out! i had locked both doors to nap and then forgot to unlock them again. the knobs are weird that when you grab them, they don't feel locked. you have to actual turn check the knob from the outside to see if it is indeed lock. well i forgot i had even locked them!
so i am standing out there in my PJ's, wet hair, hadn't had coffee yet! thank god i had put on my uggs, because sometimes if i am just running out quickly i won't put any shoes on if they aren't nearby when i need them! so i am standing there trying to figure out what to do. i don't have a key, no phone. no one in the neighborhood is home, etc. then remembered that one of the girls who was here watching tucker had the window cracked in his room - so i was thinking, chances are that she didn't lock the window when she closed it and i might be able to get it open. so that's what i did. i took awhile, but since it wasn' locked, i was able to push it up. (and yes, i did lock it after i got in!) you should have seen me climbing in the window though. what a site! it wasn't high, but awkward enough where i had to try and get some momentum to get over the sill. i don't have much of that abilitiy any more! but anyway, finally got up and then scraped the heck out of the back of my leg trying not to fall into the house! what a mess. but anyway, that was my adventure for the day!


  1. Oh that's no fun!
    After locking myself out too many times we finally got one of those number keypad locks for the backdoor. Never locked out again!

  2. I'm sorry - I'm laughing here. It sucks being locked out, but at least you got in on your own power.

    I locked myself out a few weeks ago after being home from my cruise. Gave my garage door opener to our dog walker to use while we were away. Got home, no opener (our remote keypad is on the fritz and we still haven't figured out how to reprogram it) only to discover that the key I have for the front door doesn't work. It's a totally different key! Arrrrrrrgh! My cell phone was in the house, so I had to run to the neighbors' house, call my husband from their phone to ask him to call the dog walker to come and get her payment and let me in the house.

    I still need to get a new key made. When Mark gets home tonight, I think I'll be running to Lowe's to get a duplicate made.


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