Friday, February 1, 2008

what a contrast from yesterday - it's raining hard here!

God, am i tired! i put tuck to bed around 10:30/11:00 last night, but then he started coughing around 1:00. (his coughing requires suctioning). he was up again at 3:00am with more coughing and then he fell asleep til i had to wake him at 6:00am for school. i had given him some benadry to help with the secretions, so he was kind of out of it, so i decided to keep him home. we both fell back to sleep until 10:30am - while poor dill had to get up and go to school in this gross rain!

I just took the dogs outside to go pee. Gracie, the little shaggy westie that we adopted, DOES NOT like to go outside when it is raining. so getting her to go tinkle in the rain is a chore. i was busy rescuing the trash can lids from the drain ditch to remember if she went. (i told you it is raining hard!) i'm glad i had on my splashy red/black polka rain boots! i also noticed that the front porch rain gutter was over flowing from the top; meaning it was plugged up with sticks and leaves. got the ladder and climbed up and started cleaning it out. let me tell you that water was friggin COLD! i actually got an ice cream headache sticking my hand in there! but while i was up there, guess what i found hiding from the rain under an eave? yes, these darling baby owls. so you see, not all chores come without reward.


  1. wow. how amazing that you found those little baby owls! what species of owl are they? they have that unusual pipe cleaner look - so different.
    oh, and may i say, "you're cooked!"....
    too many charms I think!! hahaha Jan

  2. those are a very rare owl only found in NJ

  3. K--love the rare owls....are you sure you aren't breathing some rarified air! Hey, my westie Lily hates tinkling outside in the rain too! Ivy The Terrible (her younger sister)however, boldly goes where no other sane being would set foot. Melissa

  4. you funny! i almost believed you because i am silly like that! they are sooo fun!!

  5. you crack me up! its a good thing those little owls were tucked up under those eaves staying warm and dry! How cute they are!

  6. they are adorable! Take care though - imagine if you find their mother...

  7. those pipe cleaner owls are *adorable* i hope to find you at artfest before they are all gone!


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