Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trees, trees, trees!

Besides our big tree, i do a few smaller trees and place them about the house. The first tree (starting from the bottom up) is my snowman tree. It has 39 little snowmen on it that i made from baby socks. i just love this little tree because the snowmen are so cute, they make me smile and because i made them all.
the next tree is my bird tree. it is so full of ornaments i don't think there is any extra space anywhere. plus it looks like it will topple over it is so full! i can't even begin to guess how many bird ornaments are on it! but you know i love my birds, so it also brings me a lot of joy.
the last tree is one i did many years ago. it is a frog tree! before i switched over to birds - i loved froggies! so i made this funny little tree. people would give me frogs for my tree which was fun. it is the first tree i bring out every season.


  1. This might even be my first comment on your blog, but I read it often. I just love your themed trees, such a good idea! I often joke that I must have enough ornaments for 3 or even 5 trees by now. I supposedly have a rule that I can only buy one ornament a year, but I totally disregard it! I seem to collect different themes - I am sure I could have an angel tree, a country tree (birds, apples, cinnamon and cloves, homespun fabric etc), a tree with all the decorations from when we were kids. I need to enjoy your trees this year since we will be away from the 15th, it isn't worth putting ours up, but I miss it!

  2. Oh I love everyone of them! they are so whimsical and cheerful, I imagine sitting by one of them fishing marshmallows from a cup of hot chocolate and watching the snow coming down outside. We had a dusting of snow the other day and that was enough for me to make hot chocolate, and I wish now for a frog tree since I love frogs, and the tree frogs around here love our garden and come to visit and stay and I call them all Charlie, as in the movie A Thousand Clowns; your "charlies" are adorable. Want to come for a cup of hot chocolate? It would be so good to have you over...


  3. Your trees are so fun! I expecially love the frog tree!!! So you!!! hugs,

  4. How cute they all are! I can barely manage to finish putting up one tree this year. But years ago we did two trees. One for the kids ornaments with colored lights and one for my "theme" tree. We even had a bird tree one year. My father's wife would love that frog one.

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I had 3 or 4 trees one Christmas time in the huge apartment that I used to live in. And this year, my mom and I will not have a tree as we are going to be away for the holidays. It is the first time in 50 years that the house will not have a tree. But looking at your trees made my day! Thanks so much!


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