Wednesday, December 5, 2007

holiday banner

I've been working on my holiday banner, but can't figure out why it is so HUGE! can anyone tell me how to make it smaller? maybe there is too many pictures? (specific instructions much appreciated!)

update: thanks Allegra and Barry for helping me reduce my holiday banner!


  1. Barry is taking care of it and he will mail you a new small banner. I agree about the size, but I love the photos.


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  3. yay, thanks guys - it looks much better!

  4. Love the family photo in your new banner!

    Got your little Mona Lisa doll and I love her. Thanks so much!

  5. Great banner ! I usually reduce my images by using a photo editor but I believe you can also fix the size using the html when customising your blog. You may have to scroll around to figure out where exactly it is.

    That peanut butter fudge sounds delish !!
    A treat my parents used to make were mincemeat tarts. I don''t know why it's called mincemeat because the only 'meat' in it is a variety of well chopped raisons. They are soooo good. But now I carry on the tradition as well as making a big batch of whipped shortbread ( melt in your mouth ).

    Oh lordy, I'm hungry now !


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