Friday, December 21, 2007

my necklace from Cindy Forrester

yeah, it's here! and Cindy just emailed me that hers has arrived as well - so she'll be opening hers soon. i hope she likes it! (it's always so stressful wondering if the person you are creating for will like what you did for them!)Well, i just opened mine and it is GORGEOUS! Cindy does soldered piece and then incorporates vintage filigree pieces into the mix. i love filigree pieces. there is something so timeworn about them. my piece has a vintage photo of a woman sitting in a very elegant chair. Cindy added text that says "Queen of my throne". She's antiqued the soldered edges with a black patina (maybe....) - but it looks aged. She added green beads and then attached them to a chain. green, being my favorite color, which i thought was cool of her to include. behind the soldered piece is a lovely piece of vintage lace. by the closure of the necklace she added a small coin that i think is quite smashing.

cindy's blog can be found at and she also has an etsy store (yummy!)- take a look at her creations at:

here's what Cindy had to say about the necklace she received from me:

Well I absolutely love my necklace...I love the blue patina it so matches the bird (bird is gorgeous) and I love the resin you use, it is so clear and my favorite word Hope, the whole necklace is awesome and I will treasure it! Also I like how you signed it.

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