Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good job, Inger!

I've been waiting to see if someone would say anything about the "non-star" on our tree and today, my blogging friend, Inger did! she said:

I am loving the sonic hedgehog on top of your christmas tree! Super cool. Much more fun than we star we use:) You have a beautiful tree!

Good eye, Inger! This is a tradition i started long ago when Dillon was young. For some reason, i'm just not into putting a star or an angel on my tree - so i would have dillon go pick out a "guest star" from his stuffed animals. Every year he picks out someone different. I kind thought he wouldn't really be into it (being 14 and all.....),so i was pleasantly surprised when he said, "i'm going to go pick out someone for the top of the tree".

Thanks for all the nice compliments on my trees! Just to let you all know, the smaller trees that i just posted about stay decorated year round. i don't take any of the ornaments off. When the holidays are over, i take them down as is and put them in my basement until next year!

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  1. Very clever! I think I will have to do the same thing with my trees - too much work to take the ornaments down and put them back up every single year! &rew


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