Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I decided to make 8 charms for friends of Dillon's instead of buying them things (go handmade!). One of them he already gave out, but here are the 7 others. the other 2 pictures (of single charms) are two charms that i started at Artnsoul in Oct. (believe it or not!) - but then when i got home my soldering iron died (bummer), so i really haven't gotten to them. so when i was finishing these up tonight, i thought, "get them done"! the longer one is my favorite. the black strip you see though, was one of those "label stickers" where you click the letter to spell a word. my word said "celebrate", but apparently the heat from soldering caused the white letters to fade (another bummer...) the smaller charm holds a piece from a horoscope bracelet (vintage) and i took the virgo sign and created that charm for myself.

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  1. Ooh more pretties :)
    The 'celebrate' still looks wonderful, could you not perhaps use a white pen or white paint to bring back the letters ? --then maybe gently distress them ?

    Dillons friends are very lucky !


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