Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pet Stockings!

A few years ago i was in some store after Christmas and they had these cute little "pet" stockings on clearance. so i bought 4 - 2 with cats on them and 2 with dogs on them. I had dillon go around the house and see what sort of stuffed animals he could find to represent them (thank god for beanie babies!) So, Boo (black cat) has one, Lilly (himalayan kitty) has one, Kirby (golden retriever) has one and then the two westies, Pepper and Gracie share a stocking. the only one who doesn't have her own stocking is Lilo, our bunny.

**the reason one of the westie's has a patch over the eye is because in 1999 we took a cruise and dillon brought that beanie with him. our room attendant accidently sent the westie to the wash (along with Dillon's beloved blankie!) we didn't think we'd get them back considering how much laundry gets done down there, but she managed to find them both. the westie lost an eye, but i told dillon we could fix her right up!


  1. your house has the most christmas spirit that i know, it should be on hgtv christmas programs...i love the pet stockings..lots of love at your house...

  2. great stocking... I wish I had a few for our zoo! :)

    Thanks for sharing your Chrissie decor - I'm digging it.

    And my blog candy prize arrived -- I love it. I have been sort of preoccupied and meaning to let you know it arrived earlier this week.


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