Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Memories

Christmas is such a magical time. it reminds me so much of being a little girl. In my opinion, being little is the best time of life! your are clueless about the scariest aspects of the world and life. Everything is so fresh and exciting and experiences are brand new. the excitment of Christmas was so thrilling! i can remember the anticipation on Christmas Eve like it was yesterday. One Christmas in particular i remember we were staying at my grandparents in Ventura, California. there were 4 kids and only 3 bedrooms, so i think all of us kids were out in the living room on couches and on the floor in sleeping bags. the fireplace was in that room, so it was really hard for us to fall asleep since we were waiting for Santa to come down the chimney. Besides the excitement of trying to fall asleep, what stands out to me the most and really triggers memories for me, is the clock in that room. it was a cuckoo clock and you could hear it ticking all night. i have fond memories of that ticking noise because it reminds of that Christmas waiting for Santa. It reminds me of that precious time as a little girl.

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  1. I love christmas too! I found this story that reminded me of this entry & I thought you might like it:


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