Saturday, December 15, 2007

There's a storm a brewin

Right now i am sitting in my room (my sanctuary). It is quite dark in here as i've got all the lights out except for the lights on my christmas tree. I spent the morning in Tucker's room taking care of him and decorating a tree for my room. i realized today that i do all these trees for the house and dillon and tucker have small trees in their rooms - but i've never made a tree just for me. so that is what i did today using a tree from my craft shows that i had hung bookmark ornaments on. after removing all the leftover bookmarkers, i wrapped the 3' tree in lights. then i went out to the main tree and picked out some of my more favorite ornaments. i also went outside and plucked a nest out of the thicket on the side of the house to put in my tree.

So here i am sit in my room with Lilly on my bed (who isn't feeling well..:( - i think she ate either some of the Christmas tree or a plant on the table; both of which i saw her munching on) and we are watching "The Notebook". i'm not one to watch movies like this (romantic) and i'm not sure why - but tonight i've got it on. My window is open so i can listen to the rain/snow that is supposably coming. i love listening to storms or the silence of snow falling at night when everyone is sleeping. i keep a towel handy to line my window so the rain doesn't get on my bed or me - but i love having my window open at night. i don't care how cold it is in the winter, my window is open every night. Sometimes i can hear the raccoons knocking over the trash cans and every so often when our little owls come back, i hear them in the trees across the street. hoot, hoot they say to one another back and forth through out the night. in the morning jeff and i will ask each other, did you hear the owls last night? (he stays downstairs across from Tucker's room).

The wind is picking up and i can hear the leaves swirling around in the street as the wind pushes them about. I'm quite cozy in my bed as i am laying on new sheets! i hate shopping for sheets as i never seem to find ones that i like. either the print is ugly or the thread count is too chinsy or the pockets aren't deep enough for my bed. but today when i was at Kmart picking up boring household items like bleach, a new toilet seat, etc. i thought i'd look at their sheets. I started looking and some were actually kind of cool. What, i thought - prints i actually like? Surely they won't fit my deep fitted mattress. So i quickly called home and asked my friend, Michele, who was watching Tuck while i ran out if she could measure the width of my mattress to see if they'd fit. Yay - she said they would. so home they came, washed, dried and on the bed they are!

For dinner i had the yummiest porterhouse steak with a delicious garlic butter on top, a side of french fries, some asparagus and a wonderful house salad along with a nice glass of red wine. Scrumptious!

Can it get any better than this?


  1. There's a storm here in Maine and I'm very happy to be warm and toasty inside. I love watching storms, but I don't like being in them.


  2. Here I am just a few miles west of you watch the trees wave in the wind and rain come down - although it looks like it's lightened up a bit.

    The dogs are at my feet and the cats are laying on the bed. It's a perfect day to stay inside. I think I'll crawl into bed with a good book for a bit - at least until it's time for the football game. :)

    I'm curious about the sheets you found at K-Mart. (BTW, as K-Mart's go - that's a nice one in your town. We were in there last weekend.) I'll have to check them out. I'm never satified with the sheets I find either.

  3. Ah, snow...we had a very light dusting, sort of a "what does this remind you of?" kind of thing, and I was nearly in heaven at the thought of snow and then, puff! gone, nothing, nada, forget about snow.

    I love the world covered with a white blanket. Our birdfeeders are busy and our hummingbird feeders get refilled constantly although the heavy mix for winter (we use 1 cup of sugar to 3 cups of water, boiled and cooled while we use 1 cup to 4 in summer) helps with the freezing problem. They get "syrupy" but not frozen and I have been known to get up at three or four in the morning to make sure things are alright for them, as in spite of everything I have read one night I got up to get some water downstairs and two little hummingbirds were trying to drink from the feeder. In the middle of the night with snow falling everywhere.

    Since then, I made sure the feeders are under the gazebo (we call it hummingbird central since they are never bothered by us and fly from one opening through the other to the feeders) particularly when it snows. I miss snow right now. Our place is so peaceful and quiet when covered with the magic blanket.

    I am glad you have it, it is always a gift until it goes away, but for those magical moments the world seems at peace with itself and everything in it quiets down and then I wish we all live in a world of snow, hooting owls and peace. Thank you for sharing the experience, it was like being there.


  4. There is not much more delicious than new or clean sheets on the bed. I love it.(sitting on my crumpled bed right now thinking I will take the sheets off and do something nice for myself.
    You are more than likely getting the aftermath of the the rain we had for days. I hope it's a winterwonderland for you.

    THANK YOU for your sweet card. It made my day.
    xox Rella

  5. Kecia- that sounds like a perfect winter evening!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful evening! The snow finally showed it's face here. I was so happy. We went out twice today, it was freezing, but totally worth it.

    ***I'm picky about my sheets too. FYI- I've found awesome ones on 1000 thread count for under $100, and they sleep like a dream :)

  7. Thank you for your comment on Funky Finds. I think it's great to bring attention to caregiver's and their (lack of) rights. I will continue to try to feature more artists & designers who struggle with these types of situations. Hugs to you & happy holidays. Jessica

  8. Love the Christmas look of your blog!

    Sheila from Art & Soul


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