Monday, December 17, 2007


Wow, that was some storm. lasted 2 days. we didn't get any snow and really not that much rain, but the wind - wow! it was at least 25-40 mph. the howling it made outside was incredible. the windows were rattling and was i swear i felt the house sway! everything on the porch was blown over and a few things were broken. the basketball hoop even fell over. we saw plenty of tree limbs and one on top of a house nearby.

before the wind got too bad, Dillon and i were in the hot tub, obvilious to the wind that was getting read to blow. it was cold but the hot tub was nice and hot - 104 degrees. however, once the wind started, it got a little sketchy. when the hot tub cover blew over into the yard, we knew it was time to get out!

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  1. Some of that storm must have blown over here too. We got our tree Sunday afternoon, the wind giving me a new hairdo. Then we drove down to the nearby beach where our son Christian and I got out of the truck and pranced around on the sand. What a hoot it was too ! My husband did finally get out for a few minutes and stood closer to the truck (I think after spending 23 years in the navy and enduring plenty of storms far rougher than this one, my dear husband has had more than his fill ( in one foggy storm their ship hit another one. Thankfully no one was hurt but my husbands eggs went flying over his head lol !)), but there was our son and me running about pretending we were birds. Oh the ocean was churning and there was flying foam everywhere. I made the mistake of trying to pick up some of it and wow was it cold, numbed my hand right away ! The back of our house borders on some forest and it's really lovely getting bundled up in bed, listening to the trees dancing away. I'm the same with snow, isn't it lovely how it muffles all noise ? It changes everything and seems to make people 'act' a little nicer too...? My fav. times are making some hot choc. and sitting myself on the floor in front of the living room window and watching the chickadees munching at the feeder, so relaxing.

    Take care, Tracy


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