Monday, December 3, 2007


So tonight i asked my 14 year old son to put away the dishes, only to be told that he was "in a meeting" (meaning he was on his cell phone with a friend!)

Wow, i can remember the day when i was asked/told to do a chore, i did it! and i certainly didn't tell my mother that i was "in a meeting"!

in his defense, about 10 minutes later he put the dishes away!

update: i feel kind of bad because when i posted his comment, i thought it was funny thing to say to your mom. but when Dillon read it, he said it made him look like he was being a jerk (his words ) or something - which wasn't the case at all. And, he corrected me and said it was only about 3 minutes later when he put the dishes away!


  1. Wow - can't wait for this to happen to me... 10 more years... :)

  2. LOL! When I ask my nearly-five-year old to do something, half the time he pipes up with a very pleasant, "No thank you!" -- as sweet as pie. At least he's being polite about dissing me!

  3. Tell him that I thought it was actually a dry run for his future executive "attitude", lol. That said, the problem with using the "taking a meeting" or "having a meeting" could be that most teenagers around here use that as a euphemism for using the bathroom. Seriously. And he could never be looked upon as a jerk, he is far too nice of a young man in my book for that. You can quote me.



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