Sunday, December 9, 2007

here's what i got done today

Well, we got our tree today and i finished decorating the house. so that's a good start. the tree we will do in a few days as the needles need to drop just a little more. tomorrow i'm going to work on some soldered charms for some friends of dillon's and for a blog buddy. then i will do some more work on a resin charm that i am working on for a trade with Cindy Forrester. Cindy and i met through etsy; although i already knew of her through Deryn Mentock's blog when she mentioned her. Then i was reading a jewlery magazine and there was a picture of a necklace that i really liked and i saw the artist was Cindy Forrester. So when i saw she hearted my etsy shoppe, i convo'd her and asked her if she was the one Deryn had mentioned in her blog and she said yes. Such a small world! anyway, we got to talking and decided we wanted to do a trade! i love doing trades like this. i had admired her work and she mine, so it is very inspiring to create for her. So i will do some work on her piece.

i also have to install my new router which finally arrived (my other router died and it was fairly new!). after the whole "dell" incident, i totally DREAD calling the company tomorrow to get this installed. i am sure it will be easy, but just not looking forward to it. there is always a glitch (either it's me and i have totally bad luck or i don't know what! basically, nothing comes easy for me. there's always a challenge). so cross your fingers that it install fine and works because i don't need the headache!

well it's late and time for bed!


  1. It will be a great swap with Cindy!
    Your banner is very cool.

  2. The doorbell rang...the sweet mail lady rushed through and the packages are as tall as my nose. Inside one there is a glow, a knock and a fragrance I have always associated with love and the Holidays...

    Stars! Magical beautiful stars, musical stars flowing, falling, laughing from a box, filled with wishes for a Merry Christmas, knowing they would be loved even before seeing. And they are.

    Thank you my dear! both of us want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts and now for something I am sure you didn't know but it is going to surprise you if you come around later on this afternoon to my ether home and look at some photos. Great minds and good friends more than think alike!

    Many thanks again for your generosity and for the exquisite banner. It will be treasured for years to come above all because it came from you. Love you,


  3. allegra, you have such a way with words! i wish i could get my thoughts to come out like that!

  4. how sweet your son hearts your work for his girlfriends and i love cindy's things also....i bought a beautiful necklace from her, she is a doll...


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