Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa in his firetruck

Our town has this cute tradition that i just love. On the Saturday before Christmas, Santa drives by neighborhoods in a firetruck (with sirens blaring) and hands out candy canes to the children. there are alot of helpers in the truck with him and lots of waving going on. I make Dillon come out on the porch with me and we wave frantically at Santa, hoping the firetruck will come all the way down our dead end street. (sometimes they do, sometimes they don't). either way it is quite fun.

I'm watcing one of my favorite movies, "Never been kissed" with Drew Barrymore, Michael Vartan (yummy),David Arquette and Leelee Sobieski. I love the concept. Drew Barrymore returns to highschool undercover. she had a rough time in highschool originally (ok, well who didn't?)and she has high hopes of having a better go round this time. it is cute, sweet and painful at the same time as Drew Barrymore is still quite nerdy, no matter how hard she tries. to quote her boss as she endures yet another embarrassing moment, he says "it's like the all humilation network". It is a fun concept to consider, would you fit in with the kids of today if you returned to high school undercover? (seriously doubt it, i'd have no patience for the dramatics- i'd be super-bee-atch) would you do anything different? it would be a perfect time to use that old adage, "i wish i knew then what i know now"! i think if anything i would be more aggressive; especially with this one guy who was always hassling me.the only thing i can't understand about this movie is why they put Drew Barrymore in such a horrible wig and ugly clothes for her big return to highschool! i definitely wish i had a boyfriend in highschool that looked like Michael Vartan!

That reminds me of when i was in 7th and 8th grade and this one guy, Terry, a football player, was always doing stuff to me. I had a paper route (ugh, i know!)and of course, he was on my route. he and his friends would throw rocks at me as i was riding away on my bike (sweet, huh?)he was such a smuck.In particular, he was really mean to my twin brother. so a few years ago, i went to my reunion for that school and saw that guy. he kept talking about how pretty i was, how great i turned out, etc. it was a little sickening to be truthful. finally i said to him, "why were you such a shithead to me and my brother in school?" i think he was a little surprised by my comment. i felt so empowered by telling him how i felt, that i don't even remember his reponse!


  1. ugg! teens can be so mean!! I wish we had just half the wisdom we have now back then! Cari and I were just talking about how in high school we cared so much about what others thought...why? Now we love who we are, would life have been so much easier if we had that self-love then and not searching for someone else to fill that need!!! I have never attended any of my reunions, my world is filled with such wonderful friends, why do I want to revisit such a judgemental I do run into a few of them from time to time, but I sure don't miss any of them!!

  2. Wow...did not mean to sound so bitter...just that the high school I attended focused on who was the most beautiful, who lived in the biggest house, drove the fanciest car and had the most money....such a false sense of values. I was so glad to get out in the real world and surround myself with creative caring people!

  3. You struck a blow for all of us by confronting your HS bully. You ROCK, Kecia!

  4. sandra, i don't think you sounded bitter at all. we all have bittersweet memories of high school. we cared so much about what others thought because we didn't really know any better. wisdom comes with age and that's when we learned to be more of an individual and start picking our friends, not letting them pick us! the one good thing about not being in the popular crowds is that most of them probably "peaked" in high school, while we've gone on to be interesting, fun and creative people!


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