Saturday, July 11, 2009


here is a manikin i am making to sell at the Country Living Fair. she's as assemblage of sorts and this is her beginning phase. she will have a layer of paper mache, then collage of vintage text, a skirt and more!

funny kid alert - as soon as this little guy saw my camera, he started hamming it up.

here is what i made in my last soldering class

here's dillon's girlfriend, Adrianne, who attended the class. she made this cool, funky pendant (how cute is she?). unfortunately i forgot to get pictures of Carol and Mary's pieces -sorry!

here was a new table at the Collingswood flea market that i like to hit on Friday's. i didn't buy much from her as her prices were a little high for me, but she had really great stuff. very old pieces, unique and rare. she really knew her stuff too and was really interesting to talk to.


  1. how fun is this..... I love the hunt for a treasure.... if ever in CT, let me know. You'd be a blast to shop with. Sandy

  2. Oh what I wouldn't give to be a mouse in your pocket (as much as you might not like it) with money to tag along at the wonderful flea markets you find. You would be so heavenly to guide a flea market tour - you could be a flea market guide of sorts! People would hire you on their vacations like they were going on safari. I'd hire you!


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