Friday, July 10, 2009

fun news to share!

I will be teaching 2 classes at Artnsoul, Portland 2009. Another jewelry artist had to withdraw from teaching, so i'm pitching in to fill the need. it will be a quick turn and burn since i am teaching the following weekend at Art-is-You, but i am excited and really looking forward to it.


the first class is called "Memory Evoking Spoons". you can find all the information about the class by clicking the link.


my second class is called "My heart beats for thee".



  1. kecia, both pieces are great! i wish I was able to come take your classes!

  2. Sooooooooooooo beautiful, wish I could be there.

  3. Kecia, that is so awesome! I know you will be a great teacher... I won't be going any more to any retreats, as health and money... so seeing art thru blogs like yours makes me feel as if I am still a part of the art world.... You know with all you do for your family and Tanner it does not surprise me that you can go out of the norm with your creativity and makes such amazing art...
    hugs, Sammy


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