Tuesday, July 7, 2009

country living booth, stage one

here's what part of my booth will look like for the Country Living show. there is a drawer that goes in that little gap in the table. it's on the porch waiting to be cleaned. the best part of this booth? it was all free - stuff we took off the curb. i call jeff with a "curbside alert" location and then he goes and gets it for me! (i guess i am Sanford and he is son?) anyway, it's cute, huh? i'll have another little farm table, a bench and a manikin - so it should be visually stimulating to say the least!
i have a funny story to share with you. actually, a dream i had. i've been having trouble with a tooth. i've been to the dentist a few times about it, only to find nothing. last time, he declared the tooth bruised from all the clenching i do on it. so last night i dreamed that i went to see my neighbor, who is a doctor, about it. i guess i was fed up with the dentist not resolving it..... so my doctor, kurt, in this dream, has a new partner, Lola and their exam room is this huge "lounge" with oversized couches, pillows, etc. so the 3 of us are on the couch, all of us laying about on these pillows (and yes, in the dream, i'm thinking this is odd...) so anyway, kurt defers my exam to Lola. Lola starts to examine the tooth, noting this and that. finally, she starts to write out a script, and here is the funny part - she's decided that i need to get physical therapy! how awesome is that? in the dream, i was very skeptical about this and kept saying, "won't they think it is a little absurd to be doing physical therapy on my tooth?" i kept thinking how ridiculous it was! the dream was so stupid and bizarre, but i've been laughing about it all day.
i still have one seat left in my soldering class on thurs. as someone had to cancel. if you are interested, drop me an email!


  1. The booth is going to be so cool. Great job! Btw, I gave you the Golden Heart Blog Award over at my blog. If you'd like please pass it on to other bloggers who you thin have hearts of gold. :)

  2. LOL! What a great dream!!! I've been having some tooth pain, maybe it will work for me, too!

  3. dang! i wish i was going to be here when you are in c-town...i will just have to hope for next year..you will certainly have the best booth!!
    love you!

  4. Kecia that is going to look great.
    Oh what a dream!!
    Come over to my blog and enter my giveaway

  5. So fabulous! Love the "glass house"!
    Sandra Evertson


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