Monday, July 6, 2009

marie fat book

i am in a Round Robin collaboration with 14 other artists and we are doing a Marie Antoinette themed book. We are using vintage gardening books as our "book". they usually have a ring binder type enclosure on the inside. So after the other artists work on the page, they send them back home and then they go right back into the binder. We will decorate our books and then have a show and tell when they are all finished. i received my first page back the other day from Amy Huff. i love the colors she used. i can tell that the pages are all going to be unique and interesting.


the first page i did is going back to its player today.

this is the other side of the page. i made a little pocket to house my business card


  1. Glad you like the page, I'm having a blast working on all the different types of pages. Your's is gorgeous lucky recipient! :)

  2. beautiful work, cannot wait to see the finished book...xo


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