Friday, July 31, 2009

scenes from my mom's house

here's a little taste of what dillon and i get to experience when we come to Bass Lake. you can see where i get my gardening and yard expertise from! mom's yard and garden are full of fun and whimsy. i'll introduce you to her little family. she's got 2 dogs, Blossom (2nd row, 3rd photo), Paddington (1st row, 1st picture). then there's the cats, all rescues: China (1st row, last picture), Sugarplum (4th row, 1st picture), Jingles, a "ragdoll cat" (last row, last picture). missing is Edith Ann, a orange and white kitty who declined to be photographed. she also has her darling little doves who make the cutest little cooing noises.

the picture with the flower and the bee is her Hollyhocks which are covered in bees right now. i just loved how the bees are covered in the pollen. guess they don't have allergies!


erika (my niece), her friend and my sister arrived yesterday. we went for a quick swim at Falls Beach and a nice dinner at Yolanda's. It's tradition to be initiated at Bass Lake by going down the falls. dill & erika have been going down the falls forever, but it was her friends first time. she was very brave and let dill hold her hand as they went together. notice the fools gold in the 3rd picture, first row, with my footsies dipping in the lake.


here's us stopping at the Pines Market to look at mom's card display (she sells cards of her photography). don't you love the girls in their matching dresses?


  1. Looks like a fun time at you Moms

  2. Looks like a ton of good times!! Your collages are fabulous and a wonderful keepsake of your Bass Lake adventures!!

  3. I hope you are having a great time in CA. I love the photo collage with all of the pets!!

  4. LOVE your photos, Kecia!! That is my daughter's birthday too! Love those kitty cat photos of course :)
    My mom LOVES hummingbirds and I will have to show her your photos :)


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