Thursday, July 30, 2009

do you like hummingbirds? i sure do

(hint: click on the photo for a larger image)

my mom gets hundreds of hummers at her feeders. she has 4 feeders and they are constantly feeding from them. She has to fill them at least once a day. (to read all about the do's & don't's of feeding hummingbirds, go to my mom's blog, Ageless Adventures here and here. mom volunteered at the hummingbird banding network for a few sessions and learned plenty.
the hummingbirds that come to her feeders are called, Anna's. they can be very terroritorial and love to duel (dillon's words!) while angling to get into the feeders. i stood on a chair while taking those pictures and i was there during happy hour - where bunches come in to feed before it gets dark. they were swarming around me head and i could feel their wings in my hair. it was cool. i stuck my finger on one of the perches and a few of the landed on my finger while snacking.
in other news, tuck is starting to feel better. his test for influenza A was negative (thank god). so now he just needs to mend from whatever nastiness he got. some neighbor friends are pitching in to do what little they can. i've had horrible dreams about him since being here, so hopefully they will go away now.


  1. good to hear that Tuck is doing better. What a worrying time for you.
    Love the hummingbird photos. Thanks for sharing them with us

  2. love hummers too! we get lots of them at this time of year, because the rose of sharon trees have all just bloomed and they love them!
    I'm glad tucker is doing better! now maybe you can try to relax and enjoy yourself!


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