Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mother Machree

Well, i have finished my manikin. Her name is Mother Machree (from the piece of sheet music i added to the front of her). so the first picture (below) shows how she started. i'm going to tell you how i did it, in case you want to make your own.
she was a wire form manikin that i found at Home Goods. her arms are something i got at a flea market. it is one piece and looks like it might be a part/piece of some sort of tool. my husband drilled a hole in the center of the wood piece/arms for the rolling pin to sit in. i collaged the rolling pin (her head) and then glued it into the middle of the wood piece. there was an opening on each through the arm arm area and i just slid the piece through. then i wired the rolling pin from the back and under each arm to make sure the pin didn't roll forwarded.
for the body, i tore up strips of newspaper and dipped them in wallpaper paste and the secured all around the form. even though i was going to paper mache her, i did this because there were big gaps in the body where the wire was. this would help give the paper mache more to grab onto. i let that dry and then proceeded to paper mache it. i use the paper mache strips that you cut and dip in water. then i let that dry overnight.
So then last night, i collaged her body with vintage sheet music. after that was completely dry, i started accessorizing. i had the vintage slip/crinoline in my stash of stuff and put it on the body. then i glued crocheted flowers that i harvested off a doily. i wrapped the rolling pin with some tulle and added a little screw at the top to hold her hat.
So she is a multi talented gal. she can hold a hat, wear necklaces around her neck and hang jewelry off her arms.


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