Monday, July 20, 2009

typesetter drawer shadowbox

(hint: click on the picture for a nice close up view of the goodies inside the box)

for awhile i have been collecting the old typesetting drawers. why? i don't know, i just like them. i had come across a bunch that were very inexpensive, so we picked them up. they've been sitting on my front porch in the "wood shop" section just waiting to be played with. a few months ago, Lynn Perrella (see her inspiring piece, "Summer Sampling" here and then when you are done, look at her assemblages they are stunning!) did a type setting drawer art piece and then it was in Somerset Studio which is where i saw it. immediately i thought, so that's why i've been collecting those! the funny thing is though, as many of my friends have also been collecting these (before the article came out). it's interesting how my friends and i are drawn to very similar things. i keep wanting to coin a term for this type of girl that i am, but also that i see in my friends. i know jane has some of the drawers, kim has some, a new blog friend, beth has some. and it doesn't just stop with the drawers. i was amazed at the similarities that i found between Jill and i (i met up with her at Handmade Faire). even down to random personality quirks and the fact that we both grew up in the military. my friend jane and i are constantly buying the same things (separately unbeknownst to us), wear the same perfume, stuff like that........ i was thinking of calling us "modern prairie girls with old souls". anyway, kim, of art dog's life recently created a drawer, which made me think of doing some for the country living fair. i gesso'd a few and then have been waiting to get back to them. then i was reading new blog friend, beth, of gypsy fish journal and was amazed to see the drawer she just completed. they both are stunning. so last night i decided i would make the one that i have been envisioning in my mind. i titled it "Nature's Bounty" and it is all things from nature that i have been collecting for over the last year. i love how it turned out. i'll be metal stamping a faceplate for the front of as well. the projects are fun and easy to do. it's a matter of gathering and gluing. i'm going to go back to my source and see if he still has any more trays. if he does, i'll pick them up and sell them for anyone wanting to do a project on their own. i'll keep you posted on that or let me know if you'd be interested in a tray and i'll contact you later. i also have a HUGE one that i 'll be creating with next. finding stuff to fill it up will not be a problem. this one will be more along the lines of using flea market items, dolls, fabric, or whatever i deem worthy to go inside!

in other fun news, my advanced copy of Altered Couture has arrived with my new article in it. it will hit the stands late July at Barnes & Nobles, Borders. my article is on page 125, 126 & 127. i'll scan pics of it later today.


  1. Love the texture! This is a great piece!!

    - Teresa

  2. Wow -that is the best typeset assembly I've seen. love the tones and textures. XX

  3. Love your new blog digs! Wow! I'd liked your old ones too but I know about needing chages.

    I have a whole different view of type drawers. I spent 5 years earning my degree in graphic design hand-setting type and printing on a Vandercook letter press. (Obviously this was at a Fine Arts college before the computer revolution but yet only 21 years ago). Anyway, I lugged those big wide trays full of lead type around a lot (and got in really good shape I might add!) It has always been intriguing to me to see these drawers used in other ways. I am so impressed with it! They were so much a mundane part of my life for awhile, I could compare it to everyone making art out of spatula's or something. This piece of yours is gorgeous! I adore it! Bravo!

  4. Meant to say too, very Joseph Cornell which remains a big part of the whole altered revolution! Well done!

  5. I love how primitive and organic it turned out! Great job. I bet the bigger type tray will look amazing.

  6. LOVE it, Kecia!!!! Stop by my blog and check mine out-hee hee!
    Yours is just amazing. Aren't they fun?!!

  7. I have several of these trays and they always catch my eye when I am out treasure hunting. I have one that displays my cool itty bitty finds and some on my front porch that are musty. Just trying to air them out. One that is not so old is home to my Eiffel tower mounted stamps and I just got a tiny one today that I will have a go at for an altered art project. Hope you will share your finished projects with us! xoxo Rhonda...

  8. Kecia great work - it's fabulous
    Love your new banner/header.

  9. Kecia,

    Well, I took a week off to work on opening a shop on Etsy and you have gone off and change your whole blog look! Talk about a great face-lift! I love it! And the drawer is absolutely divine!! You are quite the Altered Diva! My Mama asked me the last time I went home if I wanted her to keep the shadow boxes (that's what we use to call them). I had mine in my room for years, collecting all kinds of little tid-bits. But nothing as inspiring as the one you did. I think I might grab those from her the next time I go home. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Really it!!! the gatherers of old and tattered, the nurturers of nature and small creatures, creative gypsies, it's amazing how many things we find in common. I'm just happy we're finally finding each other. Talk to you soon my friend.

  11. yes, i have 3 type drawers and one regular drawer in my studio up on the walls for all of the floatsam and jetsom of my
    I love my type drawers.

    i like your idea of naming woman who are alike. Why do we collect old doll parts, feathers, bird nests, dust, old pods, rocks and acorns?? I don't know why I just know that I do...

  12. also meant to say I like your new look for your blog...and the song...There is House in New that is a blast to my that old song...

  13. I found your Blog through Robyn and I enjoyed looking at your work. This piece is gorgeous! Love those assemblage boxes!

  14. I like your website, Kecia, and you have great taste in music. My name is Kip, by the way.


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