Sunday, July 19, 2009

Handmade faire goodies

here are a few of the things that i picked up yesterday at the Handmade Faire. The purse with the beautiful barkcloth and the rosette were made by beth @ gypsy fish. the earrings and necklace were made by Jill @ gypsy flea market. if you look at the picture with the purse, around the manikin's neck is a scarf. the scarf was made by another bud, Doreen @ Seahorse Designs. the scarf is really unique. it is 3 knitted strands of leaves that you wrap around your neck. then she knitted a rose that you tie around the leaves and center around your neck. so it ends up almost being a piece of neck jewelry. i just love it. i also picked up 2 shirts; a tank made by Abbie that has great graphics about recycling. at the bottom of the t-shirt it says "it's easy being green". the other t-shirt has a pirate cupcake on it. i put them in the wash, so wasn't able to take pics of them.

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  1. love love the clean look...xo
    but it took forever to leave a comment..


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