Thursday, July 9, 2009

flea market finds

after weeks of rained out flea markets, i was finally able to get to one last week. the weather was overcast and it did look like it would rain any minute, but it eventually cleared up and ended up being a nice day, which made everyone at the flea market quite happy.

vintage cake decorating tips
a couple new hats, an awesome spool of lace (which has since been coffee stained and looks ever better!) a doll with a beautiful dress, some odd metal flower thing (i plan on harvesting the flowers) and some vintage Easter decor

a really cool frame and wonderful fabrics (my "guy", Phillip, had 4 HUGE tables full of fabric. he told me it all came out of one lady's attic). i couldn't help think that maybe one day, some flea market vendor would be called to my house to drag out all this stuff and he'd be telling people, "it all came out of a house belonging to an artist"!

more awesome fabrics

there were a bunch of these growth charts. i took them to harvest the appliques. and how 'bout that darling little yo-yo doll? please don't call it the "C" word (clown!) i know too many people who do not like clowns. yo-yo doll is safer.

vintage slips to tie dye

some old milk jars from a NJ dairy, some lace, a metal stamp holder and a lovely purse

and how great is this find? i always wanted one of these. i couldn't believe i found her the day after Farrah passed away. kind of strange in a way.
i'd love to show you what i am working on (for the Country Living Fair), but i think for now i'll keep them under wraps. but let me tell you, they are pretty cool and just know, i am working my butt off to create inventory! there are a couple of other girls from this area also in the show, kathe and joanna, who i met at their fabulous store, Summerhouse. so we are going to try and ride to the show together. it will be nice for me not to go it alone, since i tend to get sleepy 1/2 hour into a road trip! they did the show last year, so it's nice to get a prespective on what to expect, how things work, the shopping, the people, etc. i've gone from overwhelmed to looking forward to it.


  1. Oh what I wouldn't give to be live a good flea market again! Looks like you had fun!

  2. Hi, Kecia!
    Farrah was my idol while I was growing up and yes, I had the famous poster, which my Dad took and hung on his wall :)

  3. Hey Kecia!!

    This is CRAZY...I think I saw you last week, I SWEAR!! I've only seen your picture on your blog ... I KNOW it was you, I was close to shouting "Kecia" just to see if you {or maybe someone else} would turn around, but my 18 year old daughter put a stop to it...she would have died of embarrassment! Anyway ... after doing my blog post today and THEN coming over here to read yours I KNOW IT WAS YOU!! Small world, huh?

    Did he not have the best fabrics?? I couldn't buy ANY!! I was BROKE!

    I still want to get together, we'll chat about that later ... to think we could have had a meeting and a french toast bagle at the flea together.Ha!


    p.s.I've signed on for the Indie art show in Medford next weekend, thanks for the tip!

  4. one more thing ...
    I tagged you, you're "it"


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